Morning Meanderings….

I came home yesterday to not one, not two… no…. six (SIX!) packages on my doorstep from UPS.  And yes, you dont even need to ask…. they were all books.  🙂

That was kind of exciting.  There were a few audios I had been waiting for – a book I didnt know I was getting but was so excited to see I did… and one that caused a poorly imitated happy dance that I was glad I was the only one in the house so I had no witnesses to.  😉

I am not trying to be really secretive about what these treasures were, just that they will show in my In My Mailbox post late tonight and I want to wait until then to reveal what has arrived!  On Twitter yesterday a friend asked me if I only posted review books for my Sunday post…. “Oh no”, I replied, any book that comes in to the home is on that list – either by mail, books I have purchases, or have borrowed from the library.

Today I am taking our kinship partner Chance to St Cloud for lunch at Mongo’s (OH YUM!), take a movie in what I hear is the covetted theater in the area with great comfy seating… and a stop at The Army Surplus store which is all for him because he loves that stuff and I thought that would be cool to let him pick out something for Christmas there.  The treat for me will be a mandatory stop at Barnes and Noble as I think that is a written law whenever I go to St Cloud.  I dont really need a book… but I do want to atleast step inside and breathe in all the words….  (who am I kidding, there will probably be a book leaving with me….)

My son Justin will be meeting us for lunch in St Cloud and then be with us all day as he is on his way home from College and will be staying at the house for the next month.  I think that will be very helpful to me as on Sunday, we take our oldest son to Fargo where he will get on  a plane and head out to bootcamp in the Navy,  Truly a bittersweet weekend that I have described as putting myself through a paper shredder.  I am happy for him, and scared, and proud, all rolled into one.

I have a review coming up in a little while today and everyone enjoy your Saturday!

5 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings….

  1. 6 books-wow-I think only three arrived here this week-which is fine-I need to clear off my shelves. I actually received a gift from a friend and am rather impressed it is sitting under the tree unopened. I am glad that one son is coming home as you ship off the other-the timing is rather bad-right before Christmas-they could not wait until after Christmas for boot camp.

    Have fun in St. Cloud-it is raining cats and dogs here it is almost 8 am and I have a three hour meeting today-serves me right for getting on the board of directors. I could still be in bed listening to the rain and reading under the covers.

  2. I received two books this week, which will be on my Mailbox Monday post, but that isn’t helping my TBR stack go down!

    Your plans for today sound wonderful! I think you’ve motivated me to get a move on and get out of the house for awhile. A movie sounds wonderful.

    Good luck at Barnes & Noble…I can’t remember the last time I went there without walking out with something!

  3. That’s exactly how I feel about going into bookstores…like I’m breathing in the words. You described that perfectly 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what books ya got!

  4. Have a great Saturday!! Bookstores are the exact same for me. I cannot walk by one without going in, if only for a minute or two. It’s just something about all the books in there to be browsed, bought, etc.

  5. 6 packages!?!?!? Wow…that’s a great early Christmas!! I hope all your goodies are GREAT! I’ve done a few happy dances myself…but only when NO ONE was looking!

    I love your quote about “breathing in the words”. So very true!!! Hubby steers me away from any book or bookish related item these days! I’m VERY addicted, to the point that he’s going to have to build me a new bookshelf!

    I hope you enjoy your day out with Chance and Justin. Enjoy your Navy son as well. Thank you for being a family “in service”. I appreciate your sacrifices and those of all servicemen and women and their families!!

    Happy Saturday!

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