Curse Of The Tahiera by Wendy Gillissen Giveaway

Yesterday I posted my review of this book, Curse Of The Tahiera

A journey through haunted forests, through dreams and time.
A story of love, magic and the power of forgiveness.
A Tzanatzi outcast and an Einache shaman are on the trail of an ancient curse.
Will they save their people from destruction?

Want a chance to win a copy of this book for yourself?

Here is how!

Leave a comment here with the answer to this super fun question that I have just made up:  If you were a fictitious character dropped into an adventure book, what would your adventure (story plot) be.

add an extra chance by also telling me what your character name would be!

** This question most be answered to be counted in the giveaway


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Giveaway open to USA and Canada.  Winner will be announced here on Jan 1, 2010

Thank you to author Wendy Gillissen who sent me an extra copy of the book for this giveaway!

28 thoughts on “Curse Of The Tahiera by Wendy Gillissen Giveaway

  1. My name would be Kylryan, a young man who grew up as a orphan in the sprawling capital city of a large kingdom ruled over by a wise but ailing queen. Through a unforseen circumstances he is swept up into a laburous journey to help find the missing heir to the throne.

    I really, really want this book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. My name would be Anaxella, and I would be trying to save my prince from an evil sorcerer. To do so, I would have to travel through the forests and swamps of the mystical land of Viamant to find the magical stones that, combined on the ancient sword, which I would also have to find, create the only thing capable of killing the sorcerer. All the while trying to keep my beautiful dresses clean.
    Good luck Anaxella!

  3. My name is Storm, from Missouri, and one day I was running from some thugs. At the same time a magician from the land of Tathian opened a portal and while I was running, I looked back at the thugs and didn’t see the portal and ran right threw it and into the land of Tathian. Where I find out that a evil sorceress has taken the rightful prince, tylan and put a evil spell on him. The magician was looking for a special person to help him over take the evil sorceress and put the prince back to being good….um he wasn’t expecting a running female to practically knock him over….LOL

    Would love to win this book, sounds interesting.

  4. My name is Zahara and I’m searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In the meantime, I’m being chased by the ugly Conan twins (leprechauns) who have this strange magical power of turning me into a bronze statue.


  5. I would be a cool princess who abandoned my princessly privileges to serve the downtrodden. And there would be romance involved. Preferably with someone who didn’t know I was a princess… Sounds pretty lame, but I dream… 🙂 Name would be Celina!

  6. Patricia Barraclough

    My character’s name would be Fairlight.
    The Beauty and The Beast is my favorite plot line. A beast rules the valley and all fear the reclusive leader. A young woman arrives in the valley with her grandmother. As strangers they are treated with suspicion and mistrust. They apply to the village leaders for a small plot of land so they may live, plant an herb garden, and sell their wares. The local healer is jealous of the grandmothers skill and both she and Fairlinght are charged with being witches and sent to the Beast for punishment.

  7. Alex

    Hmmm, I would be Alesandro and would be dropped into a planet very much like my own but there were no people…only talking mice which I thought was cute until I found out they were all afraid of the ruler who was a great big rat.! Each day they had to find cheese and bring it to him or else they suffered consequences nobody knew about as they were never seen again!

  8. Shari D

    I would be the Sane Princess dropped into a house full of insane but fun aliens sent to bring a little sanity and stability to the craziness.

  9. anne

    My name would be Guillermo and I would be a friend of Leonardo Da Vinci’s. I would be assisting him in locating venues for his works.

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