Morning Meanderings…

Good morning all!  Coffee Cup is close by and I think I can say I have officially covered from Thanksgiving weekend!  I am feeling energized and have been looking at some exciting ads coming through my email for books.  This morning I came across this lovely treasure:

This book is The Chronicles Of Narnia leather bound.  (This puts a whole new level on my cover snobbery! )  How gorgeous is that?  Oh, and there are more!  Sherlock Homes, Arabian Nights, Fairy Tales, Vampire Chronicles, and The Complete works of Lewis Caroll!  How about that for the book lover on your list this Christmas?

I am not working for Barnes and Noble…. just seen something cool and had to share it this morning.  😉  Have you come across any great looking gift ideas?  Share them here!  I am always stuck on what to get others!

14 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…

  1. That is a beautifully bound book. I’m still recovering from the laziness of my holiday weekend. My body argues when my alarm goes off in the morning.

      1. I went back yesterday too and man I am hurting from the power class after not going for two weeks. Group kick help loosen the muscle up some tonight, so it’s all good.

  2. That cover is gorgeous-The WItch, The Lion and The Wardrobe-it one of my favorite childhood books-I have never read any of his other books.

    1. Hi Laurel 🙂 I agree…. I love the look of books. If I go visit someone who has a lot of books in their home, it just gives me a warm feeling. It makes me feel they like adventure!

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