Behold The Dawn by K.M. Weiland

I was already a fan of Historical Fiction before I read  this book…. I am even a bigger on now.  ~  Sheila

Marcus Annan, a tourneyer famed for his prowess on the battlefield, thought he could keep the secrets of his past buried forever. But when a mysterious crippled monk demands Annan help him find justice for the transgressions of sixteen years ago, Annan is forced to leave the tourneys and join the Third Crusade.

Wounded in battle and hunted by enemies on every side, he rescues an English noblewoman from an infidel prison camp and flees to Constantinople. But, try as he might, he cannot elude the past. Amidst the pain and grief of a war he doesn’t even believe in, he is forced at last to face long-hidden secrets and sins and to bare his soul to the mercy of a God he thought he had abandoned years ago.

In My Opinion:

As excited as I was to receive this book, I have to admit I was nervous as well.  I had chatted with author K.M. Weiland on line and we had discussed her book.  I found the cover fascinating (if you know me you know I am a big cover snob) and the subject matter intriguing…. of course neither of these two favorable things make a book.  It is very important to me to always give an honest opinion and I knew that no matter what I thought of this book, I had to reveal that in my review.  A book grabs me with what is within its pages, the moments that take me out of my own little world and brings me within its own.  I hoped that this book was going to do just that.

The language of this book, the flow of the words… I enjoyed.   I was impressed with K.M.’s easy grasp of it and found it easy to follow the pace.  As the words flowed page to page I could draw the pictures in my mind of what this layout looked like, I could clearly see Marcus with an internal as well as external battle.  The story unfolded literally before my eyes. I enjoyed being a part of each characters stretching and growth.  It felt real and that is not always as easy task for any author to pull off – especially when you are writing out of our own time period.

K.M. Weiland came through in flying colors and I closed the book with an ironic smile thinking that I had been concerned I may not like this read.  I did, I really really did and am thankful to authors like Katie (K.M.) who can really put a book out there that can pull you within the story and at the same time make you think about your own battles and know there is Hope.

The book was honestly a wonderful  read that was so well written that I don’t even know how to express how impressed I was with the story line and the writing itself.  Hopefully, I just did.  🙂

K.M. Weiland grew up chasing Billy the Kid and Jesse James on horseback through the sand hills of western Nebraska, where she still lives. A lifelong fan of history and the power of the written word, she enjoys sharing both through her novels and short stories. She blogs at Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors and AuthorCulture. She lives in western Nebraska.

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I received my review copy from the author, K.M. Weiland

8 Comments on “Behold The Dawn by K.M. Weiland

  1. Knowing an author and then reading his or her book can be very stressful because of the review factor. You did a great job here.

    I like that cover, too. 🙂

  2. What a lovely review! I really like the way you described the author’s use of language and imagery. This sounds like something I’d enjoy.

    • Thanks Stephanie, I am glad I got that across in the review. I was so impressed with the language and I couldnt help but think to write like that, to make it flow so naturally had to be a lot of work. I really enjoyed that.

  3. I know what you mean … when you get a book from the author, you really want to like it and give an honest review. My fear in accepting review copies is that I won’t like the book and will feel bad!!! I like how you had a little quote at the top giving your “top line” thoughts on the book.

    • Thanks Jenners for the note about my top line quote, I try to do that with all my reviews. Kind of a signature thing 🙂

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