Morning Meanderings

I am so excited!  Yesterday I finished reading Hunger Games and I feel like I have just been given the keys to the club that is all things Suzanne Collins!  I seriously can not even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this book!  My review will be up later today along with my first use of the Spoiler Alert Button so those of you who have alread read the book can enter there and we can discuss the book in more detail!  I would really enjoy that!  🙂

Yesterday my friend Jennifer and I went on an 18 mile bike ride!  Yes!  18 miles on November 21 in MINNESOTA!  The temperature was about 48  degrees.  I was totally not dressed right and after I got home spent the next couple hours in bed with a sweatshirt on and three quilts on my with the heat turned up.  SO COLD.

My vehicle loaded with my bike for the November ride!
My vehicle loaded with my bike for the November ride!

In a couple hours here Chance and I are going to go and see New Moon!  I bought the tickets yesterday and I am really excited for this movie!

My In My Mailbox post went up late last night so if you are curious what entered the home of the DeChantal’s this week, please check it out here….

9 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings

  1. I wanna join the club! LOL! I was just talking to my sister about The Hunger Games today (she just finished reading it today) and she’s going to lend me the book. I’ve had it out from the library twice and still haven’t gotten around to reading it, haha.

  2. I guess I am still out in the cold. Don’t have a copy of Hunger Games, and have a HUGE TBR pile so no plans to buy it. Maybe someday……

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