Morning Meanderings…

a big improvementToday is project day!  I am three cups of coffee into my day and other than my afternoon work out I am going to get some things done that I need to!

1.  My reading Room is a disaster.  I have been so busy lately and have ran out of shelf space that I have been stacking on the floor and this is driving me nuts!  Currently I have books to be reviewed mixed with books I have already reviewed…. GAH!  Today that comes to an end!  I am making a call to a friend of ours to see if he can build me some bookshelves that go around the top edge of the room.  If I can put my keepers up high that will relieve the pressure of the bulging book shelves that are seriously only an injury waiting to happen! If they explode, I could lose an eye!!!






2.  I have procrastinated on putting away our lawn furniture.  I could kick myself for this and today looks like it is going to be around 50 degrees so I am doing it before I find myself doing this in the snow with only myself to blame.


On a happier note, last night I made the turkey burgers from The Biggest Loser and they were delicious!  They use a portobello mushroom for the bun and that is a lot of mushroom but they were so good!  I have linked the recipe here.  I will make these again.

Also – be sure to check out current giveaway when you have time.  I have several that end later this week that let you pick a book of choice and I added a couple over the last few days that include a chance to win New Moon, a chance to win a date night package, and a chance to win Picket Fences by Susan Meissner which was a wonderful read!  You can link to all current giveaways here.

Ok….  I have to get moving so I am off to have an egg white omelet and get going on my day!  Enjoy!

16 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…

    1. Vivienne the burgers were delicious and the vegie mix that you spread on top was the best! Next time I do I will season the meat up a bit more…. seasoned salt, maybe some cayenne pepper…. I like a little kick!

  1. Books on the floor would drive me batty too! I’m also in the process of getting new bookshelves so I can stop the overflow. Of course my pile is MUCH smaller than yours… I haven’t been forced to the floor yet. 😉 Good luck with your projects!

    1. Hi Jody – yes I am eliminating that this afternoon…. I am usually pretty organized and the last month I just let things fall to the way side…. time to get back in order 🙂

  2. Looking at your piles of books always makes me feel not so guilty about mine! I’d love more bookshelves but I’m pretty sure the hubby would balk at paying for them. He’s realistic enough to know that more book space would just mean more books!

    1. Lisa I am so glad I could help – LOL

      The shelves are what I want for Christmas. We usually do not exchange gifts (hubby and I) but this year we decided we would each ask for one thing we really would like and the shelves are mine. 🙂

    1. Hi J Kaye….I didnt get an email that I am aware of. Did you use my sdechantal email or journeythroughbooks?

      The tweet you are referring to is the contests right? I guess I am doing it wrong. I was trying the way you discussed in your post but it doesnt surprise me if I did it wronf…Twitter baffles me….LOL

      I will read your post again. 🙂

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