Love Has A Face by Michele Perry

A look into war torn Sudan…. and the difference one faith filled woman can make ~ Sheila

aaTermites for dinner. Bombs in the backyard. A nation torn by decades of war still on the brink. Can one life really make a difference here?

Born without her left hip and leg, Michele Perry is no stranger to seeming impossibilities. So when she arrived in war-torn Southern Sudan–with little more than her faith in God’s promises–she did what everyone told was crazy: she opened a home for orphaned children in the middle of guerilla warfare territory and has now become “mama” to over one hundred little lives.

With a deft pen, she recounts unforgettable stories of life in the bush, stories that capture the reader with the stark realities of living in a war zone—and the power of God’s love to transform them. Her own story is just as compelling as the ministry she is living. From working in the slums of India to finding her home in war-ravaged Africa, her life has been a journey deeper into the supernatural power of God.

My Thoughts

Michele shares a story of a life lived for others.  I read this book in its entirety in Honduras.  While I liked reading about how she was able to help the children of Sudan. parts of the book left me feeling a little unfulfilled, but I am struggling to put my finger on it.

There is a point that Michele makes in the book that I have seen for myself in what I do.  She talks of a homeless friend shaing his tortilla with her.  People in the worst conditions we can imagine, yet still living with hope and with happiness.

I was learning who was really poor.  And it was not these people.

I love that line as I have seen this with my own eyes  again and again.  While we go out into the world and see people living in one room homes with no doors or windows,no running water, a barrel outside filled with wood that is their stove, no refrigerator, or car, and maybe one change of clothes…  and then I think how much I have back home that I really do not need….  the things that we pay for and fret over payments on…. the tv shows and music we moniter our children on…. and then I see these people living the simplest of lives and making the very best out of it…

Sorry – went off on my own there for a minute.  This book gives a glimpse into the lives of those in Sudan.  Michele’s courage and what she is doing is remarkable.  There were parts of this book I found to not exactly sit right with me, and maybe that’s just me. aa

About the Author:

Michele Perry is the founding field ministry coordinator for Iris Ministries in Southern Sudan under Rolland and Heidi Baker. Born without her left hip and leg and other birth defects, she endured 23 surgeries by age 13. A native of Florida, Michele studied at Baylor and has previously served in Bangladesh, India, and the inner cities of the U.S. She is also an artist, photographer, and poet. Michele wrote most of Love Has a Face on an old computer by a kerosene lamp in a bullet-hole ridden shell of a building in Southern Sudan.

3 thoughts on “Love Has A Face by Michele Perry

  1. What an amazing book…I’m so glad there are those who are making a difference in the world like this. Great review and I will definitely be picking this one up.

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