Late Morning Meanderings…

a big improvementMy goal was to get up this morning and write my online journal of our Honduras trip.  That did happen.  I did start this morning.  In fact I started at about 7 am.  And not here I am at 12:56 pm…. and I have just now finished.

It really is hard to put into words this experience but I always do try.  I know I leave quite a bit out…. a lot of the moments when we laugh hard or tease one another, or just want to cry out with frustration.  For me, being the team leader always seems to wipe me out a bit more than when I am one of the team members.  I think it is because I am wired to work hard to keep everyone happy and  to try to keep things smooth along the way.  In ways I wish I wasnt wired that way – and in other ways I am glad that I am sensitive enough to want to do that.

So here, is the link to the journal and pictures of the Honduras AFE trip.  I hope you will take a little time to see what we did and what we experienced.  Honduras Afe Trip November 2009.

Honduras part 2 143
AFE Mission Team Nov 2009

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