Guest Blogger: Julie from My Own Little Corner Of The World (W/ giveaway!)

My home town of Covington, Georgia
My home town of Covington, Georgia

Hi!  I am Julie from My Own Little Corner Of The World!  I am here while Sheila is away on her mission trip to Honduras. Just trying to keep the cobwebs away from all the precious books!

While I’m here, I thought I’d introduce myself as I don’t know many of you! I am a 30 something wife and

homeschooling mother of 4. I am also a registered nurse and currently, a high school health care teacher.  (Insert your laughs here…yes my new friends, I’ve lost my mind!). In my spare time (HAHA) I enjoy reading, spending time with my wonderful family, blogging, singing, and did I mention reading?! I’ll read just about anything as long as it’s not full of graphic sex and language.  Just not a fan of that!

The courthouse of my town that is featured in Vampire Diaries
The courthouse of my town that is featured in Vampire Diaries

Even though our beloved friend is not currently here to attend to her blog, she has graciously opened up the prize box for her wonderful readers. To enter, please visit my blog My Own Little Corner of the World and leave a comment under my “I’m Cleaning Sheila’s House” post telling me what book I have won from her blog recently. If you are chosen to be the winner (I will use to determine) you will get to pick a prize from her PRIZE BOX and I’ll throw in a $10 Amazon gift certificate! The giveaway will end on November 7.

Also, because I love my friend Sheila so much for being Sheila and keeping us all entertained, she will have the choice of one book from her wish list to come to her in the mail.Thank you for letting me entertain you for a few minutes! I hope the cobwebs will stay away for awhile now and that Sheila has a safe return home. If you’re like me, you anxiously await to hear of her Honduras Adventures!!

6 Comments on “Guest Blogger: Julie from My Own Little Corner Of The World (W/ giveaway!)

  1. Hi Julie, nice to meet you. I must say though, I’m suprised you have the time to host this blog – it’s sounds like you have an incredibly busy life.

  2. Hi Julie! It’s been a pleasure getting to know a little bit about you. You have a lovely blog that I’m on my way to spend a little time at.

  3. I totally forgot you home school! Wow…and I thought I was a busy person. You make me look like I stand still.

  4. Thanks for hosting today Julie! I am safely in Honduras at the guest house. All is well, we are here and safe. Things look great here – have fun!

  5. Hi Julie! It is great to have a wonderful friend that will fill in for you. Nice to meet you! I will be stopping by to check out your blog.

    I hope Sheila has a wonderful time!

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