Wednesday Feature Book Club: The Pillars

Yup!  I am so excited.  I am able to bring this feature back as I had a couple more people come forward who wanted to share about their Book Clubs.  Thank you!  Thank you!  I love hearing about all the different clubs out there and how they do their book meetings!

This morning I introduce to you Sondra and her book club The Pillars!

The Pillars
The Pillars

Hi Sondra!  I am super excited to have you at One Persons Journey Through a World of Books today!  Is there a link that will take us to your book club?

Sondra:  Yes, you can find us at:

I love the layout of that page!  I wish I could do something like that for our book club.   How long has your group been meeting?

Sondra:  Since November 2008

How often do you meet?

Sondra:  Quarterly

Quarterly?  Now I am really interested to know about that!  When you do meet, do you have someone who leads the discussion?

Sondra:  Each quarter we have a different person as the hostess and they lead the discussions.

Where do you meet?

Sondra:  The hostess of the quarter decides on the location.  We usually travel to different locations and make the meeting a weekend retreat centered around the book.

Ok!  There it is.  I am joining your group!  How fun! Now I understand why you meet quarterly!  A whole event around the book.  That sounds so amazing!  How many of you are in this book group?

Sondra:  15 Women

What is the age group represented in your book club?

Sondra: 23 to 60

Do you have any certain genres you read?

The Pillars in New Orleans
The Pillars in New Orleans

Sondra: We read a combination of genres.

That’s what we do too… books all over the board! How do you choose what you will read?

Sondra:  Members bring book ideas to the meetings and we vote after reviewing a summary of the books.

I probably don’t even have to ask this next questions as your group sounds fantastic!  How do you keep things fun?

Sondra:  We center our meetings around the book.  Eat the foods mentioned in the book, travel to the places in the book,
and play jeopardy (with prizes!) to challenge the readers about the book.

Ahhhh!  You travel to places in the book!  I bet that makes choosing your next read even more incredible.  Does your group meet for anything else other than your book meetings?

Sondra:  We meet quarterly for community service events.

Do you have a funny or “book club meeting gone bad” story to share?

Sondra: Yes, we had a boring history book that most of the members had a very hard time reading prior to the meeting.  None of the members let on that they hadn’t completed the book until discussion time came around and they were not able to answer the questions.

Sondra, What advice would you give to other book clubs?

Sondra:  Have fun and be open to all genres!

Sondra, thank you so much for sharing about your amazing book club today!  I appreciate you opening this group up to us to read about!  Yo sound like a wonderful group and I bet you have traveled to some amazing places!

*** Readers – the first Picture of The Pillars was taken at a cabin in Burnett, TX, where they held their initial book discussion.  They spent the weekend getting to know each other.  They planned activities around the book selection of the quarter and discussed the future of the book club.

The second picture was taken at their meeting in New Orleans, LA during their book discussion weekend  for “Cane River“.  They visited all the sites listed in the book that we could find starting in Natchitoches, LA, home of the Cane River Plantation, down to New Orleans, LA..

If you are part of a book club (on line or off) I would love to chat with you and feature you in this Wednesday spot.  If you are interested, please email me at journey through books @

14 thoughts on “Wednesday Feature Book Club: The Pillars

  1. What a great idea for a post Sheila and what a lovely group. I found it interesting to read that they only meet quarterly, this must have some disadvantages as well as advantages. A superb idea to base the whole meeting around the book with food included, how I wish my book club could be persuaded to do this.

    I do believe I spoke to you a while ago via Book Blogs and expressed my interest in talking about my reading group but then became ill. I’d certainly still be interested and shall drop you a line in the next day or so. Thanks again for the post.

  2. Wow! Traveling to the various sites sounds like so much fun! We have a hard enough time getting people to meetings right across town, I’m not sure it would work for us. On the other hand, a trip might make them more likely to show up!

    1. LOL Kim! Wouldnt it be fun to choose a book and get a bunch of us book bloggers to go to the area of whee the book is about. I am going to have to think about this….

  3. I wonder how this group came together? Did they know each other before their first meeting in TX? It sounds like they have lots of fun – those weekends away are awesome.

  4. Looks like a great group. And it’s kind of nice to meet quarterly and maybe take some of the pressure off finishing the book so quickly.

  5. Booklogged, I orginially sent out invites to several people I knew were avid readers in Louisiana and Texas. I asked that they came to the initial meeting with a friend. We started off with 7 members and expanded to the 15 we now have. We held our first meet and greet for new members earlier this month and 3 additional ladies joined the frenzy. Our quarterly meetings allows even our slow readers to finish the book. We are ususally very excited to get together as the members are currently from two states.

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