It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

I have my nose buried deep in Kay Cassidy’s book, The Cinderella Society….  SO GOOD!  I am on such a huge YA kick I Monday what are you readingfeel like I should be snapping my gum, twirling my hair and listening to Bon Jovi….  oh – maybe YA don’t do that anymore…LOL  Really enjoying the book!

I am pleased to say that last weeks list of Cleopatra’s Daughter (which was an AMAZING READ), Bo’s Cafe (great book and one to make you think…) and VIOLA in Reel Life (Loved this!)… I only have one that still is sticking out of my TBR shelf, partially read and part of my plan to finish the last two weeks…. that’s right, Pride and Prejudice still waits on me.

001The big plan for this week…. and for some reason I feel like I am Stella and got my groove back…. (book groove that is)… so I piled them high for this weeks reading plan.  They are:

Of course to finish the wonderful The Cinderella Society

I have Extraordinary by John Bevere for tour this week along with a giveaway copy!

Abbeville by Jack Fuller has also waited patiently to be reviewed and I pulled this off the shelf to do just that!

Football is For Lovers I have for a tour next week and I am trying to be more proactive on the tour reads and not waiting until the last minute and then cranking them out just under the wire.

The Financial Lives of Poets is also on tour next week

A Worthy Legacy by Tomi Akinyanmi just came in but is one off my wish list and I want to treat myself to this read.

So that’s the plan.  For those of you who are looking at this and saying how can you possibly read that many books in a week?

Well, first it is only a plan and I tend to plan big – but don’t beat myself up if I don’t reach the goal.  Sometimes a book I planned to read may be set aside for a different read because that is the beauty of reading…  you do get to pick what you enjoy.

The Cinderella Society is sailing right along and I should complete that yet today, Extraordinary has been in the process of reading for a couple weeks now and in this type of book I find that helpful when I can break it down so I only have part of that book left to read.  Football Is For Lovers (I know right… I am still not really sure what I signed on to with this one…LOL) and A Worthy Legacy are both smaller books.  Which leaves me with Abbeville which I hope to roll into the weekend with, but we will see how it all goes.

Most of my evenings are spent reading.  My husband goes to bed around 8:30 or 9 pm as he gets up at 5 am.  That gives me on the average about 3 hours to read a night, not including that I do occasionally read early in the a.m., while I am making dinner and usually longer on weekends when we have no big commitments.

What are you reading this week?  Pop Over to J Kaye’s blog and be sure to connect there to add your post to the linky so we can all see your list of wonderful books as well!

Happy reading all!

35 thoughts on “It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

  1. I am on such a huge YA kick I feel like I should be snapping my gum, twirling my hair and listening to Bon Jovi – wellll, why aren’t you?
    ONe of the many reasons for which I love YA!
    It’s been far too long since I last got my hands on a good YA book.
    I’m glad that you’ve got your reading groove back. I wish something would happen to help mine return to me.
    Maybe I should learn to read more than one book at a time.

    1. Thanks Audrey – I may just go find my 80’s CDS! LOL I have read quite a few really good YA’s recently. There are plenty out there to choose from. I dont remember this being a big category when I was growing up. I am so glad it is now – what a way to get that age group into reading…. and of course, those not in that age group – hee hee

    1. Laurel, it is fun to pick off my shelf – a bit like Christmas. I try to give myself an assortment and at least one in the group that I have really been excited to dive into.

  2. I wish I could read that many books in one week. Takes me getting cooties to get reading like that done. Have a fantastic reading week!

    1. Hi Zia, I think I am being optimistic because I am thrilled with what I cranked out this past week. Now I feel I can conquer the world… or at least the TBR… ha ha

    1. HI Liz, thanks. I know I set the bar high…. we will see. If I can stay off the blogs at night and read I should be fine. 🙂 Of course – I really like visiting the blogs too…..

  3. OMG – I so want to read everything you’re reading. LoL. You have a great list going there. I’m on a YA kick myself. Enjoy and have a great reading week.


  4. tolmsted

    I’ve been hearing a lot about Cleopatra’s Daughter – that’s one that I may need to pick up.

    As for planning big – no need to feel bad for not getting it all done. I’ve been “planning” to finish The Children’s Book by A.S. Byatt for weeks now…

  5. Awesome week last week. I try and spend a few hours a night reading as well and it really helps me get through the books. And Young Adult is so addicting. I love reading them and always lament that those type of books weren’t around when I was a teenager – at least not in the variety there is now.

    1. It really is so good! I have been chatting with author Kay Cassidy for a couple months now and it is funny because at some points I feel as though I can hear her voice… or at least her humor coming through….

  6. Julie H.

    Alot of great titles! I’m looking forward to The Cinderella Society too. I’m glad I no longer have to “hide” my YA addiction–I think I’ve enjoyed them all along and as my kids have grown, I still like sharing books with them.

  7. I recently read Cleopatra’s Daughter and Viola in Reel Life – enjoyed them both. I ordered Michelle Moran’s backlist – that’s how much I loved Cleo!

    1. Hi Mary – oh darn… thats what I forgot today! I placed an order with Amazon and I was going to look at Michelle Morans other books as I have heard such great things about them…. and the author of VIOLA in Reel Life as well! DOH!

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