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I had a great reading week…I actually finished all the books I had hoped to this past week with the exception of what I have left to read for Pride and Prejudice – but hey, the day isn’t over yet!  🙂

My Mailbox was actually a little mellow this week and that is ok…  I have plenty of reading to do – however I do have the delight of sharing with you what has now entered the reading Room this past week:

The Love Revolution by Joyce Meyer is one I will be interested in reviewing.  Just this past year I have read my first Joyce Meyer books – one non fiction, one fiction audio and enjoyed them.  This one interests me as I have a feeling it is going to be on the same style as the Love Dare… which, I have yet to complete the actual dare part.  *Sigh* Oh and with this review – comes giveaways….. yeah baby!  Giveaways!

The four books pictured are four of the five for the Hispanic Month Giveaway…. which ends Oct 15.  Don’t miss that – you can win all 5 books!  Dama’s, Drama’s and Ana Ruis I have already read and reviewed so that one is going in the prize box for giveaway.  Zumba I am excited to read as this is about working out to dance and I am all about that!  Maybe that review will have to be vlog….LOL – just kidding!!!  The other two, Evenings At The Argentina Club and AMiGOLAND I do not really know about.

Take Your Best Shot by Austen Gutwein looks soooooo good!  This book is about making a difference and how a God sized idea raised over a million dollars for Aids Relief in Zambia.  Can’t wait to jump into this one!

Children of Dust is another one that I am looking forward to reading.  This is a memoir of Pakistan.  This book is about the authors coming of age in Pakistan and the cultural shock of moving to the U.S.

A worthy Legacy is a gift to me from a reader of my blog, Rebecca Cox.  She seen this book on my wish tab and emailed me to say she had a copy she would gladly send me.  When I emailed her back to tell her how wonderful that was and to thank her, her response was, “No problem. You blogger guys work so hard and give away so many books, the least I can do is send you one”.

Seriously – Rebecca thank you.  I have met just the nicest people through this book blog enperience! 🙂

Messy Tessy is a book sent by the author.  I really enjoy these childrens reads and while I do not have any young children in my home any more, I someday believe I will have grand children and I will be able to share with them these wonderful books that I was given the opportunity to review.  (Shhh!  Dont tell my boys – I dont want grandchildren too soon!  LOL)

French Women For All Seasons I found at a book sale.  The price was so good, the book looks interesting. I couldn’t pass it up.  And yeah – I bought two.  So one goes in the prize box.   We shall see…. get it?  We?  That’s French….

The two Anne George Cozy Mysteries are also from that same book sale.  Murder Makes Waves and Murder Shoots The Bull…. I cant explain this purchase other than I am just inthe mood for mystery.  I think it is the weather….

Sins Of A Shaker Summer by Deborah Woodworth…. still in the mystery mode.  This one too came from that sale.  It sounds good!

Another One from the sale, Jan Karon is just a sweet author and she writes these lite little books that can be wonderful when you are in the mood for something not so heavy.  A Common Life sounds like what she usually writes and again, for the great price…. I knew I could squeeze this one some space in the Reading Room.

Barabara Delinsky’s Three Wishes is an incredible read that I read many years ago.  I found it at a great price and I am all about sharing great reads so this one too is for the prize box.

Once Upon A Quinceanera is a purchase mainly because 1) the price.  2) After reading Dama’s Dramas, and Ana Ruis a few months back and realizing that I had actually experienced a Quinceanera in Honduras and had not known thats what it was… I now am interested in knowing more about this tradition.

Last but not least is this gorgeous book, Dark Angels, also purchased at the book sale.  This book is really a thing of beauty.  Besides the cover… which I cant stop looking at… it is written by the author of Through A Glass darkly which I have not read but have heard wonderful things about.  This one is mine to look at and to read.

So that’s the haul this week.  I hope to have another great week of reading and keep moving steadilly through the TBR pile.  Share what you have brought into your home this week by linking on to this wonderful meme over at Story Siren’s Blog.  It is a lot of fun!

20 thoughts on “In My Mailbox

  1. I vote for a dancing vlog once you finish Zumba! Please??? *L*

    How nice of Rebecca to send you A Worthy Legacy! Agree with you that we meet the nicest people via blogging. Rebecca, you rock!

    Sounds like you had a really good time at that book sale! Lots of interesting titles. Will keep an eye out for your reviews.

    Enjoy all of your great books!

    1. LOL – cal you imagine? Oh that would be hilarious! I would have to be super good at it – ha ha. I am excited about the books although looking at my TBR mountain I have no idea why. 🙂

  2. So many good books!
    French women for all seasons seems, um,. . .interesting. French women are very interesting creatures.
    I hope you’ll review it!

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