Morning Meandering…

I am up and active and I even have Coffee Put with me (YES!!!)!  Chance has a bus pass!  a big improvement

Pause for gratuitous dance in my living room…

It may not seem like a big deal but it has earned me about an hour of free time between the running to school and going back at 3:15 to pick him up.

This morning, I want to talk about a set of books that have been on my mind lately….over at J Kaye’s Blog I had read about the 39 Clues by Patrick Carman.  I believe I have seen these or at least one of them on another blog prior to this, but something about the way J Kaye talked about these books made me really dig into what she was saying.  I think these would be books that Chance and I could enjoy together.  There are currently 5 books out and J Kaye reports that the series will end with a total of 10 in 2010.

I encourage you to go visit J Kayes Blog (it is a ROCKING blog by the way)… read about the books and see if they peek your interest.  They have mine and are on my wish list tab now.

*Stay tune as in a couple hours my Wednesday Book Club Feature is making what could possibly be its final showing here.  I hope not, but that will be up to all of you my wonderful readers and especially those of you in books clubs.

7 Comments on “Morning Meandering…

  1. Thanks for popping in to visit at SNOW IMPRESSIONS! As I pointed out there (following your comment), I almost feel guilty at how happy I am in this life! But then I recall that I paid my dues for more than thirty years, so I guess I deserve it! LOL.

    If you want that kind of life, you’ll find a way!

  2. My husband is reading the 39 clue’s books. Did you notice that each book has a different author? And the idea for the books came from a board meeting at Scholastica, as a follow up to the success of the Harry Potter books.

  3. I need to get book one and soon…I wanted to catch up on it before the new year begins. 😉

    Thanks for the mention! Made my day!

  4. I’m a little familiar with them as well. They have different authors and boy, they got some great writers to chime in on this series. I think the first was by Rick Riordan. Has Chance checked out the Percy Jackson books? My son loved them.

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