Morning Meandering….

a big improvementEver have one of those mornings that you meander no further than your email box?  I just did….  woke up and prepped for my day out the door 30 minutes later with Chance to school and now I am in the office using the 15 minutes I have before I officially “go to work”.

So with Coffee Cup now in hand… I have opened my email to discover this list of the current New York Times top 10 List.  What a great list!  I really want to read The Lost Symbol (currently #1!),

The Last Song by Sparks (#2) I would like to read – but it is not a must read for me.

#3 I am really excited about – The Help is going to be our first online book club read and is currently waiting on my shelf!  (Still time to join in on this group read!)

#4… I actually prefer the movies in this case to the actual Alex Cross books by Patterson….

#5- I have never read Pat Conroy or #6 Clive Cussler

#7… I covet.  It’s true.  I have entered contests for this book and have not won…. I will have this book!  🙂  I must read this book!

#8  Charlaine Harris is an author I want to read as I have heard so much about these books – but as of this date, I have not read her.

#9 I have heard a bit about by reading blogs… not sure if it is a fit for me or not

and #10… I don’t think I have heard of this one.

How about you?  Any must reads or have read on this list?  Any other books that should be on this list?

“The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown
Read more
“The Last Song” by Nicholas Sparks
Read more
“The Help” by Kathryn Stockett
Read more
“Alex Cross’s TRIAL” by James Patterson
Read more
“South of Broad” by Pat Conroy
Read more
“Spartan Gold” by Clive Cussler
Read more
“The White Queen” by Philippa Gregory
Read more
“Dead and Gone” by Charlaine Harris
Read more
“The Girl Who Played with Fire” by Stieg Larsson
Read more
“A Gate at the Stairs” by Lorrie Moore
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11 Comments on “Morning Meandering….

  1. These books look tempting! I have “The Help,” and loved it. I’m looking forward to sharing in our online book club.

    Like you, I prefer the James Patterson books in movie form. I guess his writing style is not my cup of tea!

    But I WOULD love the new Pat Conroy. His “Prince of Tides” was fabulous, both in book and movie format.

    • Thanks Laurel…. I havent read Prince of Tides and did not even put that together that he was the author of that read.

  2. The list sounds good. I am not a huge Dan Brown fan, but I know a lot of people have enjoyed this book.

    • I just loved Dans Browns Davinchi Code and Angels and Demons…. theres another book in there of his that I did not like…. cant think of the name….

  3. hmmmm The Lost Symbol, Alex Cross’s Trial, The Help…those are my top three. Just waiting for The Lost Symbol to be ready for me at the library (I have to wait, they’re on “rapid read” ie; only available on loan for a week)

    • You have mentioned that Rapid Read on Twitter… I am not sure if we have that or not…. I do ot use my library much and I know that is horrible of me.

  4. Coveting the White Queen as well! I haven’t heard of A Gate at the Stairs (#10), wonder if it is new this week or something?

    • I do too! It is fun to see how it lines up with the reviews I have been reading so much about. I love seeing that The Help is #3.

  5. I’m still eager to read The Lost Symbol as well. The book is sitting on my shelf begging me to give up on the homework reading and give in to what I’m sure will be an amazing story.

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