Join Now – On Line Book Club: Word Shakers

word shakers

Link Here To Current Book Information and Sign Up Form

1.  Each five/six weeks a book is chosen that as many of us that can will read (its even cool if you have already read it prior to selection!)

2.  When we get to the review deadline, I will put up a post that everyone can link their reviews of the book

3.  I will create a group spreadsheet with questions about the book that you may answer.  I will use different contributors comments in a Wordshaker post.

That’s the basics of it now.  Obviously if you did not have time to participate in a certain month certainly stay tuned for future months.  Or if a book doesn’t interest you – you are welcome to pass and watch for the next.


Our current read is:

To Be Announced


Feel free to grab the Word Shakers widget and use on your blog posts as well as to connect others to join.

98 thoughts on “Join Now – On Line Book Club: Word Shakers

  1. This is a fabulous idea, Sheila! I don’t have access to this book right now, but as soon as a book is chosen that I can read/have read, I’m gonna participate!

  2. I tried to do this a year ago, and couldn’t manage to get the thing up and running. We had about 3 active members, haha. But you have a readership behind you, so you have a good start already. I’m definitely joining! I probably won’t be able to do every book, but I’ll participate as much as possible.

  3. This is great! I love it! Because of school I’m going to take a book club hiatus until December – but then you can definitely count me in! How exciting!

  4. I’m in this month although I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to do it every month. I actually did just read this book and my face-to-face club isn’t reading it for months so I’d love to have a group to discuss it with!

  5. This is such a cool idea – I’d been thinking the same thing about starting up a book club online, but hadn’t figured how I’d do it! I won’t be able to get hold of that book this month, but will definitely stay tuned for future months. 🙂

  6. What a great idea. Count me in (already signed up with Mr. Linky) not sure I will be able to do this book but I’m looking forward to the next one.

  7. I like the idea of online book clubs while I’m searching for one to participate IRL. I won’t be able to participate in October’s group discussion, however I hope to join future readings. (By the way, I like the name of the book club!)

  8. You know I am in! I read this a while ago. I actually recommended it for my regular book club this month and I guess no one wanted to read it, because it didn’t even make it to the finalist! I couldn’t believe it!!! Now, I don’t care, because I will get to discuss it wtih my blogging friends!!

  9. Hi Sheila,

    What a great, great idea! Guess what! You’re starting with a book I have been wanting to read so badly. I am really excited! It’s been on the seven day list at my library. All new books stay on the seven day shelf for six months. Then, after six mos. you can check the book out for twenty-eight days. Usually, I try to hold my horses for the twenty eight day book. This is what I’ve been doing with The Help. Waiting and wringing my hands wishing the book would quickly move over to the twenty eight day shelf.

    Since this is a special occasion, I’ll check it out no matter what shelf it’s on. I might even buy a cheap copy online.

  10. Sheila,

    Could you give an exact date? I think there is one more Monday in this month. Are you talking about this month or the last Monday of next month????

    1. HI Tea – I will post questions to everyone the week before the 26th of October. Then as people can they will respond withe their comments and a link to their review if it is up yet.

      On Monday October 26th I will post the discussion – comments from various Work Shakers and links to your reviews…..

      thats the plan for now… we will see how it works for everyone and may take some tweaking until we figure out a good formula. 🙂

  11. Hi Sheila,

    I just remembered signing up or something for another online reading group. So, I don’t know where I stand now. I wanted to write you an email. Didn’t find email address.

  12. This is such a wonderful idea. I have aspirations of doing something similar, someday – when I have more time. I’m going to skip joining as of right now, but I hope I’ll be able to free up some time to join in the future – I really love your idea.

  13. I joined the Linky! Thank you for starting an online group. I’m listening to “The Help” on CD (absolutely fascinating, to hear the story) and am excited to join the discussion.

  14. This is great! As soon as I saw the link on your BookJourney home page, I came right here & signed up, Sheila. Thanks for this, & I’ll add the Word Shakers widget to my blog as soon as I can. 🙂

    1. On the original post Shelley there is a linky to sign up. We have finished The Help and are actually between books right now. I got behind with the holidays and still ahve not fully caught up. I will post a new read soon here in February for March to get us going again and I will email you with that info. Thanks for the interest!

  15. Question – Since joining, I changed my website for book reviews & my email address for the same. Do you know how to change them through Mr. Linky without having to sign up again? I tried but am so far unsuccessful. I’m going to keep trying, though. There hasn’t been much activity on my book review blog yet, but it will start very soon. I have books lined up to review, & recently received my first BookSneeze book. Very exciting! 🙂

  16. Sorry! I thought I’d figured it out, but it still wouldn’t let me change what I’d already posted. So now I have a new entry, for which I apologise. The second blog I entered also has the wrong name for the blog. I apologise for all this mixup. I thought I’d figured it out, but, well, I hadn’t. The address is right for the blog (#21), though.

    1. I see you second comment here Michelle – LOL – no worries. With wordpress it gives me your email addresses so what I will do when I choose the next book is email everyone who I know has showed interest. 🙂

  17. I just joined yesterday, I believe I have mentioned that…I don’t think you are still on “the help” , so which book are you at now?

      1. Great! I can’t wait!! In the meantime I am working on my two challenges:
        1. The James Patterson Challenge
        2. 12 suspense/thrillers books by Dec 31 of this year…
        Better get back to reading!

      1. Hi Vicki – I like it. Is the book available on line now? I will check that out later. I have the book and think it sounds wonderful 🙂

        Have you read it yet? Is it a good discussion book?

  18. I haven’t read the book yet but it looks really good. It should be a good discussion book. I received mine from
    Hachette’s Book Club Member & Book Bloggers – HBG Books Discussions on Book Blogs.

    1. HI Colette, I hope to. I have been so busy and was hoping this Bloggiesta weekend would put Word Shakers back on the map. I will email you when I have a book plan 🙂

  19. HI again! Just wondering if you have started this back up yet. If not, are you planning to start it up soon?

    1. Marilu I am planning to I just have not had the time to create a group yet and that is the hold up. I want to be sure to notify all of those, including you, who have showed interest along with the post.

      I will make sure you are notified when I do. 🙂

  20. I hope its soon! I have some ideas for books to read.
    I have a lot of free time to read and would love to get started. =)

  21. Hi!
    I would love to join in, but I don’t think I can get this book finished by Aug. 22. I have 2 other books to finish is month. Maybe I can start it and see how far I get. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  22. Hi Sheila, I love your blog!! I don’t have the current book, and have a few lined up to read, so I can’t take part in this one, but I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on Word Shakers, and will be participating in future readalongs!

  23. I would love to participate in this once you have it up and running again…I belong to a book club that meets in person, but lately it seems as if I can’t make the meetings. I look forward to seeing what the next book is going to be and sharing my thoughts on it as well as reading everyone else’s thoughts.

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