BBAW – yes! Another Giveaway!


Ok…I wont even try to shoot for one correct answer here as I am sure there are many…. so what I am looking for this time is a link to what you find to be the Worlds largest Book…..  again – I am not putting in guidelines…. put a great link in the comments to what you believe to be the worlds largest book and you will be one of my winners!

One of the winners?  Yup – in this final day of BBAW I am going to look for 3 winners this time…. you can not however use the same link to the same book as another winner has.  I need three separate books here.  (There is no right or wrong answer – I am just looking for three links to 3 EXTREMELY large books)  A different winner per book – the same person on this one can not win the 2nd or third spot as well)

I thought this would be kind of cool to see what links come in to see what are considered to be the Worlds Largest Books!  Winners will be announced on here and will get a chance to pick out of the gift box!

Ready?  Set?  And Go!!! gift

(*Please remember these giveaways are open to US entrants only and can not be delivered to PO box numbers)  ** Note that the comment giveaway at the end of BBAW where you can win an Amazon gift card is open worldwide – so while the individual giveaways are USA only – the overall comment giveaway is worldwide!  :)

27 thoughts on “BBAW – yes! Another Giveaway!

  1. Ok, while am typing this I see no other comment so I hope no one else posts the same book.
    Marian Bad My Love claims to be the worlds largest novel and is over 17 million words.

    Exiled on a deserted island, a Christ-haunted journalist-turned-filmmaker attempts to persuade a married women from his past to help him produce a science fiction-themed pastiche to the 1960s French New Wave classic, Last Year at Marienbad. Through this act of artistic creation, he expects to carry out the will of God by prophesizing the death of time and the birth of a new religion. If only he can make the woman remember him.

    Click on the link and you can read it for free!

  2. And Eve took the third spot! Nicely done everyone. Great links to amazingly BIG books!!!

    Eve let me know which book or candy in the gift box is calling your name.
    Alipet813 – Forever Friends is yours

    and Wordlilly I an thrilled to send you Promise Me as I love Harlan Coben and am excited to read what you think of him!

  3. Alexa

    It looks like dictionaries are among the largest books out there. I wonder if anyone has actually read an entire dictionary-lol

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