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What has been fun about this particular interview is that Ryan and I had connected through Book Blogs early on and were already chatting back and forth through Twitter and on our blogs.  I was excited to do this interview and get to know him even more!  ~ Sheila

Ryan, first I want to know about this avatar that you use.  Who is he?

Dr. Strange RyanThe characters name is Dr. Strange.  He is a Marvel supherhero.

When did you develop your love for books?

I had an unusual childhood.  We moved around a lot and even ended up traveling with a carnival for many years.  Needless to say I was never in one place long enough to really learn how to make friends.  It’s a deficit I’ve since gotten over but as a kid it was hard.  I had learned to read before headstart and I found myself turning to books for comfort.  They were the friends I didn’t have and they were my source of strength and escape as a kid.  They were my first love and still have a hold on my heart that is eclipsed only by my son.

Are you a lone reader or did your book interest come from a family member or friend?

I was and still am a lone reader of the family.  Now that’s not talking cousins and extended family cause I really have no clue as far Dr strange 2 this oneas that goes.  I am teaching my son the love of books and it seems to be one he is taking too.

Why read as opposed to do something else productive like errr…. lets say… sky diving?

Actually, I love sky diving, camping, hiking, horse back riding, snowmobiling, cooking, dancing, and a million other things.  I actually want to learn how to fence.  With foils and epees not sell stolen merchandise.  Reading however is my escape.  It’s how I relax, decompress, and feel better about myself.  It’s what has saved my sanity a million times and will probably do so a million more.

Favorite book?

Gosh, what a hard question.  I’m not sure I could break it down to one or even 10 or 20.  Some of my favorites that come to mind at this moment in time are: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, The Eight by Katherine Neville, Pandemonium by Daryl Gregory, The Thief of Always by Clive Barker, Watership Down by Richard Adam, Looking for It by Michael Thomas Ford, and the Last Herald Mage trilogy by Mercedes Lackey.  There are so many other books I reread all the time that I almost feel bad for not mentioning them.

Favorite genre to read?

dr strange powFantasy hands down.  It allows me to escape into a world that is totally different from our own that I’m able to forget everything else and allow myself to “be” there in that world for the period of time the book is open.  I’m starting to read horror/suspense right now as well.  Though I think it has more to do with the approach of Fall then anything else.

When did you start book blogging and why?

July 19th, 2009.  A good friend at B&N bookclub site, Deb of Bookmagic, had started her own blog a month or two before that and she seemed to be having a lot of fun with it.  So I thought, why not? So here I am a few months later and having a blast though when I started it I wasn’t sure how involved I would be with the whole thing.  I thought I would just pop on every once in a while and post something about the current book I was reading.  Now I’m having so much fun that I can’t help but log in and post.
What do you think is the best blog post you have written?

I’m not sure if it’s my best but the one that was the most personal to me so far was my first post in my Favorite Fictional Characters series. Vanyel Ashkevron is the main character of The Last Herald Mage trilogy by Mercedes Lackey and is the first character that I was able to connect to on such an emotional level.  He is the one character that when I’m really feeling down I’m able to visit and feel at home with.  This was a character that went through a lot of the same issues I had as a teenager and had come out OK.

Your blog title, Wordsmithonia… where did that come from?

From Barnes & Noble’s bookclub site again.  A few months prior they had started a laurel system in which users could give laurels to posts they like for any reason.  Along with the laurels we were given different ranks as well bases off a still a not completely understood criteria.  One of the higher, new ranks was that of wordsmith.  On a lark another user, Kathy, made up the Kingdom of Wordsmithonia and appointed me her son and heir the King of Wordsmithonia.  It started as a lark and grew into something that is just now losing steam.  I love the idea though of a place were words and the usage of them is celebrated and revered.  So that’s the name I chose for my blog.  Not sure if I’m living up to it yet or not but I’m striving for it with every post.

Do you only blog on books or do you have other blogs out there on other topics?

Right now it’s been about books with the occasional appearance of movies and TV shows.  I had intended to maybe sprinkle some political posts in there as well but it doesn’t seem to fit in.  I’m a political junkie and one day if time ever permits I may start a separate blog for that purpose.

What do you find to be the best part of book blogging?

The community I have found of other book lovers is amazing.  I have found everyone to be supportive and welcoming and I’m not sure I was expecting that.  I think it’s one of those aspects that keeps me coming back day after day to post and read other blogs.

What do you think is the best blog post you have written?

Since it just happened last week I do.  I got Dark Time by Dakota Banks from the publicist.  I was so excited I did my own version Dr strange 3of Snoopy’s happy dance.  I had recieved ARCs from the First Look program on B&N’s site before but this was different in a way I’m not sure I can fully put across in words.

What have you learned from blogging that you wish you would have known in the early stages of your book blog?

Since I’m still in my infancy I’m not sure.  There is still so much for me to learn that sometimes I feel like I’m playing catch up in school.  I still have a heck of a time trying to get two or more images into one post without them staying together.  I was so thankful when I finally figured out, with Deb’s help, how to change to a 3 column blog.  So I’m looking forward to learning more and hopefully being at a point where I can be the one to help out.

What do you look for in blogs that you enjoy reading?

The blogger’s personality to come through in how they write is what I connect with first in a blog I haven’t been to before.  Great reviews or features are an added bonus as well as an introduction to books I haven’t heard/read before.

Share with us a little known fact about you.

I was a state officer of Health Occupation Students of America when I was in high school.  After 5th grade and until I started high school, we traveled with a carnival and I would go to school week by week in whatever town we were in.

Thank you Ryan! Please stop by and see Ryan at the very cool Worsdsmithonia!

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  1. Great Interview! it is so nice to learn even more about my wonderful friend, Ryan! Thanks!

  2. Sheila, Dr. Strange looks fantastic. Thank you so much for the interview. You are the best!

  3. This is a fantastic interview, Sheila! You ask great questions and Ryan’s answers are so comprehensive and interesting. His blog has a great name and, although how or why he started reading is a little sad, it’s obviously to the advantage of his blog readers and also a good example of how wonderful books are !

    Thank you!

  4. Ryan’s seems like a great guy and I visit his blog often. It’s really nice reading and learning more about him. I also grew up with books as my friends and my ‘comfort blanket’ as it were, there’s nothing like a really good book to help you escape from the world around you. Glad to hear Ryan’s an outdoor freak like me! I love horseriding and hiking among other things and I love to cook too. Great interview! 🙂

  5. Traveling with a carnival- how fun. BBAW Interview

  6. Great questions! I’ve been trying to figure out the picture, too! Thanks for clearing it up!

  7. Interesting questions and answers. I’ve seen Ryan posting here and there, it was nice getting to know him through this interview!

  8. Ryan seems like a really nice guy and were similar-I’m also the lone reader in my family, though I’ve never traveled with a carnival.

  9. great interview. Ryan is a great guy and you did him justice with your questions

  10. Very, Very good interview. Ryan has wonderfully detailed answers, he is always good at that.

    I love the questions and The comic pictures. Those are just wonderful!!!

  11. That is funny you got someone you know -my partner was unknown to me before the interview swap-which I like as it introduces me to a new blog.

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