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I am excited to bring you a new book club today!  I have been hanging out at this blog for a while now chatting with Maryrose and today I am pleased to be able to share with you about her online book club, My Book Buddies.

MBBWelcome Maryrose!  Sit!  Have some coffee!  It is so wonderful to have you here today!  Share with us the name of your book club.

Maryrose:  My Book Buddies

How long have you been meeting?

Maryrose:  We are an online community, first created in July 2001.  We started off exchanging e-mails between girlfriends (we were discussing Jane Eyre).  We found it much easier to discuss books in an online forum.

Oh that sounds fun!  I have not been a part of an online book club yet.  How often do you meet?

Local Author Event

Local Author Event

We meet daily!  Our online forum discusses books every day.  We do, however, have a monthly selection for the group to read and share their thoughts on.  Every effort is made to read a book within the selected month.  The beauty of the online forum is that every discussion is saved.  Book discussions are revived at anytime!5.  Do you have someone who leads the discussion (same person each month or different)?  Our discussions are very open in nature.  If available, we use Reading Group Guides to help facilitate conversations.  But it’s treated more like a guideline than a rule.  We don’t want reading to start feeling like homework.  Most of our discussions are driven by emotion, rather than dissection and analysis.

Where do you meet online?

Face to face Meeting in Atlanta

Face to face Meeting in Atlanta

Online at  Click on the forum link to get to the discussions.

How many members do you have?

Our group is made up primarily of women.  We have 50 members who drop in from time to time, and a core group of half a dozen regulars.

50!  That’s wonderful! What age groups are represented in your book club?

Our age demographic ranges between the mid-20s to early 40s.

What genres of books do you read?

Because we’re on the world wide web, we have great diversity in our book selection.  The monthly

Meeting first time face to face

Meeting first time face to face

selections range from the classics, historical fiction, romance, “chick lit”, biographies, literary fiction and fantasy.

How do you choose what you will read?

To promote the diversity of the group, we alternate who chooses the monthly selection.  I like to select my books from my “to read list”.

What was one of the best discussions and/or a favorite book that you read as a group?

The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon is a particular favorite of the group.  In fact, we’ve seen a revival of those discussions in recent months.  Members, new and old, love to discuss (and re-read) the series.

How do you keep things fun?

We’re a great group that has stuck together for a long time.  The forum has become an online home for us.  So, we like to discuss things outside of books.  We’ll discuss movies, television, gossip, home, garden, cooking – whatever tickles our fancy.  We don’t have a strict regiment that we must adhere to.  Everything is for your enjoyment. In more recent years, we’ve started traveling out to meet one another.  That’s been a very special treat

I really like that! What have you done as a group other than the online book discussions?

One of my absolute favorite things about the online book club is that I now have friends across the nation.  We’ve traveled to Atlanta to visit Gone with the Wind country.  I’ve had members visit me in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Right now, we’re trying to find a way to see Diana Gabaldon in Georgia this coming Labor Day.  The activities outside of books have solidified friendships in our community.

What advice would you give to other book clubs?

With busy schedules and the cost of books on the rise, it can be difficult to keep a book club going.  Have an easy going attitude about your book club.  Members will come and go – but they tend to come back.  My Book Buddies has had lulls, but we know that things will bounce back.

Thank you Maryrose so much for sharing about your online book club!  You have really inspired me as this is something I have tossed around the idea of for some time but still am wondering if it is something I want to do!  Since I interviewed you a couple weeks ago I am curious – did you make it to Diane’s for Labor Day?

If you are interested in having your book club featured here please email me at

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  1. Thanks again Sheila for featuring my book club.

    To answer your question, “I” didn’t make it to the Diana Gabaldon event (BUMMER!), but one of the girls did. Check out her photos (and some spoilers from the upcoming release) at the forum:

  2. What a great idea to have it online and meet once a month. You share so many great ideas on this blog!

  3. My book buddies seems really cool, I love that theres some interactivity with the monthly meeting

  4. I think I have mentioned this before, but I can’t help saying it again. I love this feature. Love learning about book clubs!

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