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Tonight was our September Book Club meeting.  It was Laura’s pick for location and she chose a Bookies recommended memepotluck camp fire at her home.  I love how each Book Club member gets a month to pick where to meet and the different places we get to try!

Tonight’s review was on Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross.  I had read this book prior to it being chosen for Book Club and I was anxious to see what the Bookies thought of it as well.  We had a good discussion about women who lived in the time of Pope Joan and how different it is from where we are today as women – it is almost hard to fathom a time when women were considered good for nothing other than making babies and keeping a home.  Yet, we know this is a part of our history.

“A woman’s long hair is the net wherein satan catches a man’s soul.” ~ Pope Joan page 11

Over all this book rated an above average read for us.  Most of the group enjoyed the historical value of the book and while a few counted the book as having a slow beginning, all agreed that once it got going it was hard to put down until the very end.

The weather had cleared from a rainy afternoon to a cool but not cold evening.  The review around the camp fire was a real treat!

My original review of this book is here

October is our classic month.  We will be reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty White.

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  1. Looks like a great time for everyone!

  2. What a great place to spend an evening!

  3. Wow, that looks like a fun meeting!

    I’m thinking of nominating Pope Joan at my next go around of book club selection. I’m happy to hear your group enjoyed it.

  4. Looks like it was a fun time!

  5. You all looked like you had fun! I’ve been curious about Pope Joan!

  6. Again, your book club amazes me with its’ inventiveness! That is quite a spread for a campfire meal on a beautiful MN evening. Do you think there was enough interest in the book that you will go en masse to the movie when it opens?

  7. A potluck campfire sounds so fun! Wish I were in Minnesota and could come crash your book club!!!

  8. I have never heard of this book, so thanks for the review. And congrats on your 100th review!

  9. What a great place for a book club meeting! Firelight, food, conversation…it doesn’t get any better than that!

  10. justicejenniferreads

    This sounds like it was a wonderful experience. I can’t wait til I can finally get a book club started! Hope you enjoy A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I read it when I was in high school and even though it is a very long book, I remember enjoying it.

  11. Sorry I missed it. We had fun as a family celebrating the beginning of the school year. I’ll see you in October.

  12. Looks like you had fun. Sorry to have missed it. The good thing is, we won both games in kickball! Go team Shep’s!!

  13. Looks like a lot of fun! So bummed I had to miss it!

  14. I thought I smelled someone cookin’ out! Food always tastes better that way, too. How fun.

    We read A Tree Grows… this year in our group. I always a favorite..

  15. I’m glad that you mentioned that some thought that POPE JOAN had a “slow beginning”. I’ll keep that in mind, it I manage to get my hands on a copy.

    • Hi Neas – I didnt think it did, but others said it did so hang in there! I actually loved it and stil lthink it is one of the best books I have read this year.

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