The Sign For Drowning by Rachel Stolzman

My heart broke for a young girl who carried too much… and I rejoiced for the young woman, who learned to love again. ~ Sheila

Anna has grown up haunted by her younger sister’s death. In the life she constructs as a barrier against the emotional sign4drowning-cvrwreckage of her family tragedy, Anna settles comfortably into a career as a teacher of deaf children. But a challenge arrives—in the form of a young girl. Adrea’s disarming vulnerability and obvious need for love offer Anna the possibility of reconnecting with the world around her—if she has the courage to open her heart.

Author, Rachel Stolzman sent me her book along with two to give away which I had done earlier, when I interviewed Rachel the end of July.  I was excited to finally have the opportunity to sit down with her book over the past few days and really let myself sink in to what this book was about.

The book opens with what I would think of as every parents worst nightmare… what is interesting is that this books focus is more on how the sister Anna has grown up with the grief of the loss of her sister.

rachel-thumbWith this book I entered a world I have not known… the world of sign language as Anna grows into adulthood and becomes a teacher for deaf children…  even adopting one of the children she has worked with, Adrea.  While reading through the new relationship struggles between Anna (now mother) and Andrea.. I found myself almost holding my breath to see how this would break down the barriers that Anna was still holding tight to in the loss of her sister.

This is a book where I learned more about a world of silence… that spoke volumes once I entered it.

I received this book from the author, Rachel Stolzman

I rate this book PG

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