Pike Point by Greg Suhonen

Its a whole different read when you have traveled the roads  described in a book… seen the sights and smelled the air of the beautiful northern country of Minnesota ~  Sheila

pike pointNortheastern Minnesota – home to what may well be America’s most unique national park – the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Over one million acres of unparalleled, primitive beauty that, to this day, remains unspoiled. A great roadless area where hundreds of years ago, Native People and French Voyageur alike, navigated over the innumerable lakes and rivers, using the sky-blue waters as their free-spirited highways.

It is in this remarkable place where Ray Maki has lived his entire life. For thirty-three years, Ray has been surrounded by old friends, strong family ties, and uncommon natural beauty. Ray feels blessed, and his life is a happy one…until one spring morning when Ray’s easy-going existence is jeopardized by a series of unexpected events…events that will test the limits of his character, and possibly bring an end to his rare way of life.

Author Greg Suhonen, as did every one of his paternal ancestors, eventually went on to work in the

Pike Point at Mink Lake
Pike Point at Mink Lake

iron ore mines of Northern Minnesota’s world famous Mesabi Iron Range. Thirty years later, after accepting an offer for early retirement, Greg went forward with his idea of writing a book. A book based on a cherished piece of lake property that has been owned by his family for more than eighty-five years – Pike Point.

He continues to live and work in the North Country, together with his daughter Vianna, and best friend Joan, wife of thirty-six years.

I spent some time this past weekend in one of my favorite spots in Minnesota, at a camp 15 miles up the Gunflint Trail in Grand Marais.  Along for the ride, came this book that was sent to me by author Greg Suhonen, Pike Point and The Good Lord’s Earth.

During a little down time in my day, I had the opportunity to sit on a dock on a sunny afternoon, overlooking Mink Lake and crack open this book.  It was interesting to read about areas that I had been to and I chuckled at the Finnish Immigrant character.

A great story about the boundary waters, great characters with lots of zip and a little bit of Minnesota history tied in makes for a book I will refer to again.

I received this book from the author Greg Suhonen

I rate this book PG

16 thoughts on “Pike Point by Greg Suhonen

  1. The Boundry Waters are one of my favorite places to be. We used to go camping there all the time. Thanks for reviewing the book, I will have to see if I can get ahold of it.

    1. I love the area too and have come to appeciate more since I started helping out at the camp on Mink Lake. Something about the area… the peace of it…. I rea;;y enjoy it.

  2. I wish I was in a place like that… I should read this book, at least, because I’m very far from there and this book would be a nice substitute for sure, I always trust your reviews. Cheers.

  3. I’m with you on this one! It’s a thrill to read about places that are familiar. Not that California’s Central Valley is anything to “write home about,” lol, but when I read one of our Central Valley authors, I feel as though I’m walking in the shoes of the characters.

  4. Here is an email I received from the author:

    We just got home from our own camping trip (Bass Lake) so just now am I able to respond. Thank you so much, for taking the time to read and then post a review of Pike Point. I can only guess how incredibly busy your days must be and I very much appreciate all you have done on my behalf. As a rookie writer, my main goal was to put down into words an enjoyable story that conveyed the true goodness and strong spirit of so many people who live in our neck of the woods. Your kindhearted efforts serve to reinforce those long-held beliefs of mine and if Pike Point has any success at all, it is due in large part because of good people such as yourself. Again, I thank you.
    Sincerely, Greg Suhonen

  5. This book sounds really interesting. I love books that do a good job capturing place – it’s not an easy thing to do! Plus, I’m sure that the effect is even more poignant when you have been to the place being described in the book. Wonderful review!

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