Sunday….errr…. Monday Week in Review

What a week!  You ever have one of those weeks where you think you didn’t do all that much until you

Ely MN
Ely MN... Outhouse on side of the road

look back over it.  Well, this is mine.  🙂  I just had a crazy busy week but reviewing my blog posts from the last 7 days, I actually did a lot more than I thought I did.  Actually, in the blogesphere, I had a pretty great week:

  • I also presented the question during the Monday Mind Games as to what people look for in a good book blog and loved the great answers!
  • My first ever Blog Tour took place on Tuesday as I hopped on the bus and traveled a while with Kim Smith and her short sweet read of A Will to Love.
  • On The Tuesday Where Are You post I was battling in England alongside Pope Joan and loving it…. still am – absolutely everyone look up this book!!!
  • Wednesday, Coffee Cup and I Morning Meandered over and met Monique and the Mango Rains (love this title!) at Julie’s Jewel’s My Favorite Things
  • On Wednesday I closed my reading on Pope Joan and literally sat in silence for about 30 minutes reviewing it all in my head and now sure how to put those worlds on paper.  I did.  GREAT READ.
  • On Wednesday I also had a Morning Meandering Confession as to how I can get lost in the blogesphere just reading great reviews and chatting it up with amazing bloggers.
  • I also posted my Guest Blogger/Author Interview on Thurday with the amazing Rachel Stolzan and we discussed her new book, The Sign for Drowning.  Excellent time with Rachel!
  • Friday was also my second Blog Tour (yup – two this week!) for Tricia Goyer’s book Blue Like Play Dough.  A fun read I really enjoyed.
  • Friday afternoon I offered up the weekly Freebie Friday which really was “free bee” as the book currently up for grabs is The Secret Life of Bees.  (you have until this Friday to enter!!!)
  • On Saturday I took part in my first Faith in Fiction Saturday meme and enjoyed a great discussion on diversity in Christian Fiction.
  • Sunday I posted the giveaway for Tales of Pruit Almus, this looks like a great read – true story, about a place for homeless children.  Cant wait to sink into this one and I have one to giveaway as well!  (Love the comments that are coming in – some made me tear up a little!)
  • Early Sunday I posted my review for Suzanne’s Diary For Nicholas.  A total random read….  hmmmm…. I bet this qualifies for my random reading Challenge!  🙂  Anyway – great read…. quick read.
  • Then I finished out what looks like a busy week by posting about my book shelves, following a discussion going around about how our books that we choose (read or unread) say something about who we are.

Here are the books that came in throughout the week:


Top right are the two giveaway books for The Sign For Drowning – this giveaway is going on currently!

Stand The Storm, and The Accountants Story all all books I won as well as the cute little orangish one in the front that came all the way from Scotland!

Also on the right the pink and white checkered one is A Better View of Paradise which is a blog tour for later this week by Randy Sue Coburn

The Enclave and Off World are new TBR’s from Bethany – my first review books  from them.

The Thirteen Days of Halloween is for a fun 31 day blog tour taking place in October – one tour spot per day… watch for that one it sounds like spooky fun!

The rest of the books are the copies for Sarah Lindberg’s Giveway coming up later this month.  if you have not checked out my interview with her I would recommend it.  Not only is she a wonderful author, but also a personal friend of mine and we will be hearing more from her in the future!

That’s my week!  In between all the book stuff I put out payroll, had a family reunion at my home and a Sundae Sunday event where I helped serve ice cream to about 60 people.  Today I meet with a young man (seriously – he is 14!) by the name of Brian who I am going to help set up a blog and get him going on YA Reviews.  Brian is years ahead in his reading and writing skills and his parents are encouraging him to do this.  If anyone has any advice for me – I would appreciate it.  I am looking for connections to YA reads that are age appropriate as well as a way to conenct him to a couple ARC’s.

Thanks everyone for stopping in and hanging with me this morning!  I hope you come back througout the week as I have a lot of fun book related stuff coming up! ~  Sheila

18 thoughts on “Sunday….errr…. Monday Week in Review

  1. I was just about to ask if you every slept, but you beat me to it! Wow! You are definitely high energy and inspiring!

    Also, loved looking at all your bookshelves….all those wonderful opportunities and possibilities.

    Have a great week!

  2. Very impressive, Sheila! I’ve always said (in the short time I’ve been blog-connecting with you!) that you inspire me.

    I’ve been studying your organizational system (on your blog) to get ideas for how to set up my own system. But even more than how you have arranged your blog, I’m impressed by how you schedule all these activities!

  3. Barnes & Nobles on line book clubs has a board for teen readers. They just started A First Look for Teens that will give participants a ARC for review. The only catch is they have to participate in the discussion on the board. The just announced the first one day, Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.

    He would have to join the board but this will give him a chance to talk to other teens and maybe a readership base at the same time.

    Below is the link to the main page of the site. I can’t give a direct link to the book because of the navigation issues, but it should be fairly easy to find.

    The enrollment period for these ARC are normally only a few days long, so I hope he is able to get signed up in time. Any questions please let me know.

  4. Impressive! You definitely are keeping yourself busy. We (your readers) really appreciate it!

    Here’s to a brand new week and a new month! (How time flies!)

  5. Wow, you did have a busy week, didn’t you? Bet you had fun though! Enjoy the new month, and good luck on your latest challenge! I joined the Random Reading challenge as well. Should be fun!

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