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Lets be friends awardReagan at Miss Remmer’s Review gave me the Lets Be friends award tonight!  How sweet is that?  This award if for bloggers who has really extended a hand of friendship by befriending others bloggers, being helpful, and a commenter.

I shall display it proudly!  Thank you Reagan, if you have not been over to see Miss Remmer’s Review (and even if you have) go back again and again.  her reviews are full of great information and I love that she is striving to find book reviews for Young Adults to encourage reading.  If you have reviewed a great YA book, be sure to connect with her for her Guest Reviews.

I am pretty tired tonight, but in the next few days I will pass this award on to a few of the bloggers that come to mind that have really been friendly and helpful to me along this crazy journey through books and blogging.  🙂

9 Comments on “Friendship Award

  1. Congratulations Sheila, you deserve this great award !!!

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  3. I meant award. HAHA! It is only 8 in the morning, I am still half sleeping. I did get up this morning and have done 10 minutes on my bike, 200 calories burned already today. 🙂 Woo Hoo!

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