Sunday – Week in Review

Looking back it was a busy week but I did get a few things done…

Random pic in Ely, MN
Random pic in Ely, MN

My review for The Light, The Dark, and Embers Between by JW Nicklaus was posted last Monday

I also posted a great giveaway for the incredible  Jantsens Gift by Pam Cope being available with 5 copies to giveaway!

I made a couple purchases with week when I went into our local book store and bought Pope Joan and The Girls from Ames

I hit a little Blast from  the Past post when I reviewed the Three Sisters Trilogy by Nora Roberts…. three of my favorite all time books!

I was gone for the weekend and came back to sign up for the Harry Potter Challenge!

I am currently almost finished with Pope Joan and I am loving this book!  Be sure to check out my post on how to get a signed copy from the author as well as a chance to win tickets for two to the premiere of the Pope Joan Movie with the author and her family!

And now…. for the books that came in the mail this week:

048Above:  Well the top two in the pile are my purchases…  and where you see doubles of a book, that is upcoming giveaways.  I have some great reads that just came in and I am excited to get on them!

Below:  While I was away this weekend I went to the Silver bay Library Sale and picked up a bag full of books at a quarter a piece.  So some of the books you will see in this picture I may already have – but I could not resist a quarter book!


So there you have it!  More to the TBR pile.  I have a busy week ahead – I will take part in two blog tours this week *my first ones!) A Will To Love by Kim Smith and Blue Like Play Dough by Tricia Goyer.

I have several books read that I need to write reviews on and hopefully will get a good start on that as well as a new Guest Blogger post that I have been working on for over a week now but just have not had time to finalize!Kreativ blogger award

Oh and one more thing, I received the Kreativ Blogger award from Reality  Bites!  Thank you!  Stop over and see this fun blog that writes on many topics and genres.

Ready to roll this week?  I am!

3 Comments on “Sunday – Week in Review

  1. Looks like you hit the book jackpot. I see some really good books there!

  2. I started a Dollar Finds meme if you ever want to show each book’s cover with a sentence description. I just love book sales. for books at $1 or less.

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