Sunday… week in review

If you go back the past 7 days you will see I did get a few reviews done as well as a few other book mailbox loverelated events.  Here is what came in the mailbox:

alvorAn exciting delivery from the author herself Laura Bingham.  Laura has given me a review copy as well as a giveaway copy.  Watch for this giveaway to be posted later this week.

emberFrom Bostick Communications I received The Light, The Dark, and Ember In Between

imposterImposters Daughter which is a giveaway that ends July 15!  (5 copies available!)

any minuteAny Minute by Joyce Meyer from Hachette Audio – I will be announcing the three winners tomorrow

JulieThanks to Hachette books this will be a giveway for July 15!  5 copies available

johnHachette Audio sent me this great audio to review plus 3 copies to give away – must sign up before July 15!

lostThis little treasure I found at a Book Store sale to support the local library.  It is an advanced reader copy

lizziBostick Communications sent me this read to review

pumpReceived from the author, Nancy Werking Poling and read this over the weekend… review is here

winsTwo books I won have arrived!!!  Y I P P Y!!!!!

Plans for this week:

I have book blog awards to give out tomorrow!

Hoping to read:  Pride and Prejudice, The End of Grace, Off Season, Hunter, Avalon, and I would love to squeeze in time to read the Harry Potter book that is coming out in the theaters this Tuesday.

I have Bookies Book Club on Tuesday and it is the annual Queen event!  (My dress and speech are ready!)  See last years event here

Tuesday at Midnight I am taking our Kinship Partner to the midnight showing of Harry Potter!

Lots of fun stuff this week so please visit often!


*Tour of Saints Bike Ride that was today – 50 miles.  This is me and my cousin Jarrod.

4 thoughts on “Sunday… week in review

  1. Morning, Sheila!

    I’m also reading/reviewing “The Light, The Dark, and Ember In Between.” I was wondering if you had an idea of when you will be posting your review of it? I would like to add a link to your review in my review.


  2. What a busy week ahead and what an impressive list of books you received. I thought Julie & Julia was a lot of fun and I’ve heard Mr. Maxwell speak; he’s inspiring.

    and YES! your linkback works! 🙂
    – Care aka CuriousC aka bkclubcare

  3. I am just in so much awe over a fifty mile bike ride (much less 150 miles)! Wow! How long does that kind of trip take? Is it a race or more of a pleasurable outing? I’m just…wow.

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