Morning Meanderings (sort of…)

a meme for meI am actually in a great little town this morning about 90 miles form my home (and my computer) called St Joseph, Minnesota.  My cousin and I are participating in the Tour of Saints, a 50 mile bike ride through the area.  Its a lot of fun, this will be my 5 year, his 2nd.  This is my third bike tour this year, gearing up for the big 175 mile tour this September (never done that one before!)

I was hoping to find  a meandering moment for you Saturday evening but alas…. I am just too tired.  I will be posting later on Sunday with a couple book reviews and my Sundown Sunday (Week in Review) post…..

Have an awesome Sunday!bike gif

6 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings (sort of…)

  1. good luck on the bike ride! (I first typed ‘book’ ride – see? I have books on the brain a lot) I just sent an email with a WP suggestion. I’m going to go take a look around…

  2. I am amazed that you would willing get on a bike for 50 miles. Must be very difficult. Hope the weather was lovely.

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