Morning Meanderings….

a meme for me

Good morning!  I am off and running this morning with a list of “to do’s” and then I will be back this afternoon to post the winner of last weeks Freebie Friday (that means you still have time to sign up!)  and put up the new contest.  Make a memo to stop back later today…

In the meantime, as me and the coffee cup traveled this morning I found this little treasure at Books, Movies, and Chinese Food:  Faking Grace by Tamara Leigh. The review made me laugh, and I really like Deborah’s blog.  It’s clean looking and fun!  Take some time today to stop by Book’s Movies, and Chinese Food and tell her hi as well as check out this great read.  I might just hit the book store and pick this up before I come home.

(Thank you to Mike at A Few Minutes With Michael who is working on a Morning Meanderings meme for me!  This is the first draft… he is still tweaking  a bit but couldn’t wait to use it!)

2 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings….

  1. Hi Sheila, would you send me a list of about 10 books that you think would be appropriate for the image? My library didn’t have the first ones you mentioned. Also, please let me know what you would like the main title to be as well.
    Cheers, and have a great weekend.

  2. Sheila, you know what I love most about your blog? I think its the Morning Meanderings posts. I love and look forward to reading them! I wish I could get up in the mornings – its a character flaw I guess haha!

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