The Death of a Pope by Piers Paul Read

deathofapope-bookA priest who seems to be the model of compassion for the poor is accused of terrorist activities. His worldwide charitable outreach is suspected of being a front for radicals. A young woman, a reporter and a lapsed Catholic, tries to undercover the truth but in the process she finds herself attracted to the priest and falls in love with him.

Meanwhile, forces conspire within the Vatican and the College of Cardinals to overthrow the Papacy. The death of Pope John Paul II brings the conclave that will elect Joseph Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI-only a group of radicals will resort to anything, including blowing up the Vatican, to stop it.

A powerful tale combining vivid characters, high drama, love, betrayal, faith, and redemption, The Death of a Pope races toward an unexpected and unforgettable conclusion.

I received this book to review from Bostick Communications.  I found it interesting to read that the author Piers Paul Read is also the author of Alive, The Story of the Andes Survivors which sold more than 5 million copies world wide.  he is also the best selling novelist to several books and playwrights.

I found it interesting to read that he wrote playwrights because as I was going through this book I kept thinking it read like a play, focusing on one scene and than another.  Piers Paul Read creates real and colorful characters that were easy to get a real feel for.

I enjoy reads about the Vatican.  It seriously fascinates me and this book did not dissapoint.  Fast action, mixed in wih murder, love, and faith.  Read put an interesting combination together here and it made for an interesting read.

2 thoughts on “The Death of a Pope by Piers Paul Read

  1. I might/might not give this book a try. I’ve heard very mixed reviews although yours is the first where it’s actually a good result. I like Vatican stuff too (like Angels and Demons sort of..) but anything (nothing too religious) is fine. It’s fascinating I think. Thanks for the info on the book and a good review. I might change my mind then.

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