You are Invited to my Blogoversary Party!

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First things first…. if you look at my Blogoversary countdown you may be confused….  we are no where near by blogoversary date!  HOWEVER – this Wednesday is my Blogoversary, as it is the date I started blogging on my original blog, Straight On Through.  What is fun about this is that the book blog was actually an after thought almost a year later, and it was more for me… to keep track of what I have read.  Interestingly enough, my very first real post (other than the “Here we Go” post)  on Straight on Through… was about books:  see the first post here

(OH….. FYI:  I f I would have known when I started this blog where it would go, I would have never made the title so long….  LOL)

What is exciting about all this is that this blog is now where I spend most of my time and I can not believe it took me so long to get going on it.  I am actually fairly new to the reviewing for authors and publishers but loving every minute of it so it only makes sense that the celebration will take place here on One Persons’s Journey Through a World of Books.

At this party – you are the special guests.  After all, you are who make my blog what it is.  I love the friendships I have built with other bloggers, and with people all over the country who stop in to see the reviews, the giveaways or just the insanity of my day to day life.  I want to honor you.

So here is what you need to know – I am hosting a HUGE Giveaway package on Wednesday the Blogoversary date.  Important to know – this giveaway will only take place during the 24 hours on my actual Blogoversary.  I will put the giveaway up at midnight (or 12:01 a.m.) central time on Wednesday, you have from then, 24 hours to stop on it and sign up for the giveaway.  That’s it.  Easy enough.  I hope you can come.  Please feel free to invite your friends, the more the merrier.

Thank you for all your past comments and future ones.  I love reading every one of them and love visiting other blogs to see what they are reading and doing as well.

21 thoughts on “You are Invited to my Blogoversary Party!

  1. YAY! So exciting.. I am a new subscriber to your blog.. I just started mine a few months ago and I love writing about the books I am reading.

  2. You are so funny…Happy…uhmm…Blogoversary…lol

    I still remember how freaked out you were with the McDonald’s story…it still makes me chuckle..

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