Morning Meanderings…

coffee04aEach morning I stumble into the kitchen still in sleep pj’s and hair maybe just a tad wilder than it is during the day. I grab a cup of hot coffee (I love you pre set timer coffee pot!) and do a little email checking and book blog reading.

I try to make it a point each morning to visit 10 Book Blogs.  Some are old acquaintances that I like to see what they are up too… but some are new that I link to off other bloggers side bar as blogs to watch.

This morning I wandered into a great blog that I have ventured into before, S. Krishna’s Books.  A review that was posted there caught my eye and my literary heart beat a little faster.  Rooftops of Terhan by Mahbod Seraji looks like a wonderful read.  I encourage you to stop by and read this review.  This book has been added to my wish list.

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