Giveaway: Off Season by Anne Rivers Siddons

I am delighted to not only be receiving this book from Hachette Book Group and Valerie Russo, but off seasonalso to be able to offer 5 copies of this book to lucky readers of this blog!

Acclaimed novelist Anne Rivers Siddons’s new novel is a stunning tale of love and loss.

For as long as she can remember, they were Cam and Lilly–happily married, totally in love with each other, parents of a beautiful family, and partners in life. Then, after decades of marriage, it ended as every great love story does…in loss. After Cam’s death, Lilly takes a lone road trip to her and Cam’s favorite spot on the remote coast of Maine, the place where they fell in love over and over again, where their ghosts still dance. There, she looks hard to her past–to a first love that ended in tragedy; to falling in love with Cam; to a marriage filled with exuberance, sheer life, and safety– to try to figure out her future.

It is a journey begun with tender memories and culminating in a revelation that will make Lilly re-evaluate everything she thought was true about her husband and her marriage.

Here is what you can do to receive  chances to win this book:

1.  Post here with your favorite “road trip” destination.  (Be sure you leave me a way to connect with you in the event you are one of the winners!)

2.  For a second chance to win, please post this contest to your blog and post a link to it for me to see.

3.  For a third chance to win, Follow me on Twitter!

Contest will run through July 13th.  The winners are chosen by using  I will post the 5 winners here as well as email you for your mailing information.  The books will come from the publisher.  Please US entries only and no po boxes.

Anne Rivers Siddons website

Interview with Anne Rivers Siddons

26 thoughts on “Giveaway: Off Season by Anne Rivers Siddons

  1. My favorite destination for a road trip would be from Portland, Oregon to Seattle , Washington. Stay a week and explore and return the same way I came.

  2. My favorite destination of late has been Lincoln, NE. My best friend moved there a few years ago!

    Love that you always have the coffee on…a fellow Minnesotan, I can tell!

    JHolden955 (at) gmail (dot) com


  3. My favorite road trip destination was Cape Cod when I lived in Rhode Island. Now that I live in Arizona, my favorite road trip destination is Flagstaff. It is just such a beautiful drive and it is always fun stopping at the stores on Route 66.

    Great giveaway! Thanks a lot for the chance.


  4. My favourite road trip destination is Wildwood New Jersey, or Virginia Beach. It’s fun to drive to the beach in the summer =).

    I hope I get lucky!
    lindanmc (at)

  5. Our favorite road trip has always been Amelia Island, Florida. It is a very small island on the east coast with huge old oak trees dripping with spanish moss. Everybody on the island knows everybody else and those of us that come every year are treated like islanders. We go to the same seafood places and kayak the marshes.

  6. My favorite road trip was the 3,000 mile trip (or was it 5,000?) Nicholas and I took when he was only 4 1/2 and we camped the whole way except for 2 days when it was too windy to pitch a tent. The one part I want to do over again, due to time restraints, is to Moab Utah, thru Loveland pass Colorado. My favorite place. other than that, back to Brainerd would be the closest most favorite.

  7. It’s always Lake Havasu. My mother in law and sister in law live there, but we always have a good time.

  8. My favorite road trip is to Ocean City, Maryland because it’s where my husband went growing up. It makes me feel like I know him better. Thanks!

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