Dragon House by John Shors

Dragon HouseI just received in the mail the new John Shors book, Dragon House,  to review before the September 2009 release date.  Having worked with street kids in Honduras, I am excited to see what John has to offer in this read.

Dragon House tells the tale of Iris and Noah—two Americans who, as a way of healing their own painful pasts, open a center to house and educate Vietnamese street children. In the slums of a city that has known little but war for generations, Iris and Noah befriend children who dream of nothing more than of going to school, having a home, and being loved. Learning from the poorest of the poor, the most silent of the unheard, Iris and Noah find themselves reborn. Resounding with powerful themes of suffering, sacrifice, friendship, and love, Dragon House brings together East and West, war and peace, and celebrates the resilience of the human spirit.Best read 2009

Every once in a while a book comes along that is written so well that the words wrap around you a nd carry you through page by page.  This is such a book.

Dragon House is a fiction book themed around Vietnam street children.  Having worked with street kids in Honduras since 2004, I was amazed to see the likeness between these two areas of the world.  John Shors captures the street children’ life in his words, words that at times hit so close to home that I could see and smell what he was describing. I was able to get a real sense of Vietnam and feel the hope that comes with a place that works towards a world without children living on the street.

Well written, a real page turner.  I will definitely be looking for more books from this author.  Dragon House will be available to purchase in September of 2009:


Barnes and Noble

**Here is a link to more information about Dragon House and the homeless children John is trying to support.  Please check it out, this is an amazing thing that he is doing.   Click here

6 thoughts on “Dragon House by John Shors

  1. Thank you so much for the nice review. I’m delighted to hear that you enjoyed Dragon House, which I’m quite excited about. My very best wishes to you, and to all of your readers. – John Shors

  2. I love books whose subject is so real and accurate that it definitely gives it justice. Wonderful review and I will put this on my list at Amazon as a reminder to check it out.

  3. I agree, this book is a page turner! I didn’t want to put it down.. ever. I was secretly waiting for a wedding, though 🙂 Tam Tran, sniff. I just loved her grandmother. I swear I could hear Mai’s voice saying “Minh the Magnificent”. Ok.. I will be quiet, I don’t want to give anything away!

    Great review and you are awesome for working in Honduras. Very selfless. Keep it up!

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