Between the Tides by Patti Callahan Henry

cover_between_tides-743926Until age 12, Catherine “Cappy” Leary lives, grows and plays with the neighboring Loughlin family in the South Carolina lowcountry town of Seaboro. After the accidental death of the Loughlins’ youngest son, a tragedy for which Catherine blames herself, her father moves the family across the state. Fast forward to Catherine’s 30th birthday, when she reluctantly returns to Seaboro for the first time in 18 years to scatter her father’s ashes. As she reconnects, she uncovers new information about her father’s ties to the area that help her release her guilt and learn to love freely. Henry’s warm, smoothly paced novel explores well-traveled themes of reconciliation and rebirth with fresh energy.

I think I found this one at a garage sale.  I found the book not a very good read.  The flashbacks were way too frequent and with every current happening it seemed the author had to take us back to the 12 year old Cappy to relive it…  there were times in the book I had to pause to get a grip on if the author was talking current time or the past.  A lot of the time the clues to this were if the conversation included Cappy’s dad who was not dead, so then I knew we were once again flashing back.  Due to this continuous “where are we now” flashes, I found it hard to really get into the characters or the story.  I did not find the characters to be well defined and could not get a real picture of who Cappy (Cathryn) was as a person or even what she looked like.  The best description I recall is that she was attractive – color of hair, length, eyes, etc…. I have no idea.

You may be wondering why I bothered to finish the book and i wish I had a really inteligent answer here – but I don’t.  I just kept plugging along – perhaps to see if Cappy was strong enough to stay away from her obviously wrong for her boyfriend…. maybe to see who she wound up with – or maybe to find out the mystery behind Sam…. for what ever reason it was, I need not have bothered… none of the answers were fulfilling to my imagination.


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