Library Book Sale recap….

large_club1Oh man….

The Brainerd Library sale is all that I had hoped for…. and then some.  After a LLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGGG winter of no garage sale “book finding” opportunities, I had forgot how much I miss just browsing for great books at great prices!

Walking into the sale today I quickly went to my favorite style of book, the oversized paperback.  After cruising that section and placing my selections into the box (yes, box) I then went to the hard covers, then Christian, then over to the regular sized paperbacks.  And then, after skimming through titles… I went through it all again, more carefully this time… checking also the overstock boxes below the tables.

I chose books by author, by title, and in some cases, by beauty.  Some books I have no idea if they are good or not, but they had a beautiful title and a big beautiful title and cover on a hard book is too me… a piece of art.  These beauties will grace the shelves at our cabin…. temping to visitors to read, but also appealing to the eye.

When all was said and done I checked out at $35.00…. that’s 50 cents per book, so yeah… 70 books.  Some are for me, some are for friends, some for the church, some for the cabin, and a few are for Swaptree so I can trade for something I do want.

Best picks… hmmm…. hard to say…. I found Harlan Colben’s Hold Tight (that was exciting!).  That may be my prize of this sale.

My heart is racing now…. the Spring book sale is a kick off to what is to come and now the scent of books is in the air…. like the scent of Bella is to Edward….

I am thirsty.

2 Comments on “Library Book Sale recap….

  1. That is exactly why I DIDN’T go to the book sale this year (I would have done the same thing). Three years from now when I finally wade through all the books stacked under my bed I just might try it again!

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