For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn

bWhat’s going on in a man’s mind? From their early days, every woman has struggled to understand why males behave the way they do. Even long-married women who think they understand men have only scratched the surface. Beneath a man’s rugged exterior is an even more rugged, unmapped terrain. What bestselling author Shaunti Feldhahn’s research reveals about the inner lives of men will open women’s eyes to what the men in their life—boyfriends, brothers, husbands, and sons—are really thinking and feeling. Men want to be understood, but they’re afraid to “freak out” the women they love by confessing what is happening inside their heads. This book will guide women in how to provide the loving support that modern men want and need.

I picked this book up off of about a year ago and placed it on my shelf as I do with so many of the books I find.  Sometimes it takes me years to get to them… others, sadly, I may never get too as books come and go in my life and sometimes it is easy for the shelved ones to get…. well…. left behind.

I was cleaning up my massive amounts of books in Janualry and compiling them into our once business office, now (and I am so excited to say this) Library.  (Pause for a “woo hoo!”)  I picked up this book, For Women Only, now realizing that not only do I have one copy on the shelf but two.  So I pass one on to a friend… amd I start reading the other.

I loved it.  From the very first chapter I had an “aha” moment that seriously, changed the way I do my marriage.  Seriously…. and if you know me… I am no fan of self help books or any of that so this book to change the way I think is huge.  Also productive.

By tweaking the way I acknowledge and speak to my husband, not even in a big way – but a subtle way, I almost immediately seen a difference in the way that he responds to me. This book interviews 500 men on responses to such questions as “Which is more important to you, feeling loved, or feeling respected?”  The answers may surprise you.

I have a lot of books that I just read.  This was not one of them.  This was a little bit at a time, in some cases reading chapters again.  I will keep this book as a reference and will continue to use it as a reminder.  Highly recommended to all women – and for the guys, there is also a book written by the author and her husband, Jeff Feldhahn:  For Men Only.

3 thoughts on “For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn

  1. I judt finished the book For Women only. incredible I must say.

    It opened my eyes to another world. I now know some secrets on how to work a relationship. Powerful i tell you.

    Now my Baby tells me what an amazing wife I am… Its fantastic.

    1. Yes – isnt that a wonderful read! I loved it! Make sure to get your hands on a copy of For Him Only as well. Two wonderful reads and I know they did wonders for me as well. Thans for sharing your thoughts on this!

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