Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster

suchPersonal Training, Session One: I’m standing at the front desk, waiting for the mythical “Barbie” to appear. While I was sucking down water and aspirin earlier today, trying to shed my hangover, I started thinking about how judgmental I can be. I mean, why should I have instantly freaked out when I heard someone named Barbie was going to be my trainer? Sure, the name brings up images of gorgeous girls with long blonde hair, shiny white teeth, deep tan, and impossible-to-achieve, completely enviable figures, but maybe this Barbie is different.

Maybe Trainer Barbie is a dark, homely girl with   and she took up fitness to feel better about her hump and her skin condition. Yes, that’s it. Barbie is all hideous and disfigured and she will have a heart of gold and because of this, she’ll be devoted to nothing but making me lose weight…

I stand by the magazine rack and I’m about to pull out this week’s In Touch when I hear my name being called. I turn around and look for my gargoyle of a trainer.

But I don’t see any monsters.

All I see is a gorgeous girl with long blonde hair, shiny white teeth, a deep tan, and an impossible-to- achieve, completely enviable figure standing there. “Hey, are you Jen?” she asks. “I’m Barbie!”

Of course you are.

This was our book club recommendation for February.  The book description sounded hilarious… overweight character finds a personal trainer…. it sounded so funny.

I started reading all excited to get to the part where the trainer comes in and as I read and read (FYI…. Barbie the trainer shows up 2/3 into the book) I feel like I am reading someones diary.

I soon learn that the book is about the author herself and her weight struggles.  And yes, she is funny – but in some parts crude with the language.  The book goes on and on about what they are eating, what she says to her husband, what he says to her, what the dogs are doing, what the house looks like, what Jen wants to eat, what Jen gets to eat… and so on and so on.

Don’t get me wrong – this is my book blog so I am giving my opinion… looking on-line, she has a following who love her wit and her struggles… and in parts I did too, laughing out loud in some cases.  Yet, I felt it missed something….

meaning maybe???

A plot???

It just didn’t read like a book to me.

The Bookies for the most part struggled through it too with a couple exceptions of those who loved laughing from cover to cover at Jen’s quick humor.

Overall – I had ended up rating it at our book club a high 3 but the more I think about it – I really think I am more of a 2.8 out of 5.  I can’t rate this average….

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