Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer


In the dead silence,

all the details suddenly fell into place for me

with a burst of intuition.

Something Edward didn’t want me to know.

Something that Jacob wouldn’t have kept from me…

It was never going to end, was it?

This is the third book of the Twilight series.  I think it was better than book 2 (New Moon) but not as good as book 1 (Twilight).

It is great to have Edward back in the picture full time… however as the book goes on I am starting to find Bella… in a word…


What is setting me off (and probably well intentioned by the author) is this love triangle with Jacob… (who, even though I dislike romance books, dislike even more Jacobs too strong and pushy attitude and now Bella’s ridiculous weakness against him is making me a bit nuts too).  Edward is probably the sweetest, most patient, loving, adoring, attentive, supportive, forgiving, giving, generous, gorgeous male character, to have ever graced the pages of a book in the history of paper making….  and Bella’s careless handling of his heart and his non stop adoration for her makes me want to bite her.  On the neck.

Ok – perhaps I am getting a bit worked up over this work of fiction… but as with any great work… there will be critics.  And Yes, I get that as the reader, Stephanie Meyer probably has me right where she wants me.  Totally frustrated with the Jacob and Bella “confused love” storyline to the point that there is no way I will skip out on book 4 (breaking dawn) as I must ensure that everything ends as I feel it should… that all my fictitious Twilight characters will be safe inside these four books and not running around in a mass amount of confusion and frustration for eternity.

Over all rating of this book – a strong 4.

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