Footprints of a Pilgrim by Ruth Bell Graham

I picked this book up, Footprints of a Pilgrim, at the Library Fall Sale.  I mainly picked it up because it had a beautiful cover and was .50 cents.  I thought it would look lovely in my library… but I really had no intension of reading it.  The book was about Billy Graham’s wife and I didn’t think it would be anything I would be interested in.

I brought the book home and considered offering it on Swaptree as like I said, it was a beautiful book.  I started thumbing through the pages making sure all pages were clean and no writing in the book.  As I skimmed through the book I was capturing parts of this story, ” Ruth being late for curfew, sneaking in windows, dating 52 men in college, breaking her arm ski diving and trying to hide it from Billy…”  This actually sounded interesting.

I started reading this magnificent book which is filled with stories of Ruth’s carefree spirit and at the same time showed me a side to Billy Graham that I did not know was there.  He’s funny, he’s real… and maybe if I would ever listen to a thing the man has said I would have known that – and his wife – well she was a real firecracker!  With great stories about their children, and stories written by their adult children about life with this incredible mom it was hard to put down.

I really enjoyed this book and I know I want to read more about this amazing couple.  I want to loan it out to people just so I can share the funny stories!  An A+ read and a real wake up call for me and my preconceived ideas of who someone is.

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