Safely Home by Randy Alcorn

This book was recommended to me years ago by my friend Sam who wanted to loan me her copy.  I assured her that if it was anywhere near as good as she said it was, I would want my own copy and then ordered it off CBC.  The book then proceeded to spend the next two years (yes, two years) on my book shelf – unread.

Then my friend Sandi  was raving about a book she had just completed.  “It is amazing”, she told me, “I couldn’t put it down, it’s called Safely Home…”

“By Randy Alcorn?” I added.

“Oh, you’ve read it,” she said disappointingly.  I assured her I hadn’t, but had the book waiting for its day to shine.  It became my next read.

Safely home is a fiction book, but it is not fantasy.  This book is about persecution in China and reading this enlightened me with more information  on this area than I had ever known before.  I was saddened to hear what happens to those who call themselves Christians in China and learned that in many ways, I take my faith and my right to it, for granted.

I could hardly put this book down and turned page after page on illegal home churches meeting at night, and people arrested and beaten – even killed – for their admitting that they are a Christ Follower.  I took note after note on the Chinese symbols spelling out the gospel in their meaning – right there in their language!  (Page 169)

I received so much from reading this book, right to the last tearful moments that wrecked me.  This is by far the best book I have read in some time.  If you have not read this I highly recommend you grab a copy and dive right in.

And the King will tell them, “I assure you, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!”  ~ Matthew 25:40

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