A Bookie Event – All Hale the Queen!

Here we are – year two of our Queen Election for the Bookies and once again the ladies of the group have outdone themselves! Dresses came from Good Will, Bargains on Seventh, Clearance sales, loaners, Prom Dresses, – all over! It was such a blast to see everyone get involved!

We had our annual book sale to raise money for Charity, our potluck with great foods and then our book vote. For August we chose Return to Summerhouse by Jude Deveroux which has me so excited to read as Summerhouse (I know you probably all know this – is one of my favorite all time book club reads!).

Finally we got to our election and the poems. songs, musical instruments, speeches… – they were all so amazing! Our Past Queen Amy Price crowned our new Queen. We had two in the running – Lori Norgard and Angie Simmonds. Amy crowned Angie as the new reigning Queen for July 2008 – July 2009! I love how everyone just gets up and does their thing! Well…don’t take my word for it – here are the pictures!

5 thoughts on “A Bookie Event – All Hale the Queen!

  1. Lori P.

    Oh Sheila, this is great ! It’s almost like being there. I laughed so much at the pictures. Everyone looked wonderful. Thank you so much !!!

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  4. Kaydi

    Great job with the pictures. I didn’t even know you were taking them. Awesome food, great converstion, beautiful dresses. Sheila, your dress was my favorite.

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