Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

This book, Eat Pray Love arrived on my door step as an error on a book swap I was doing.  Reading the back of the book I had decided that I did not want to read this book….  a book written as the author travels through Italy, India, and Indonesia in search of fullfillment….  no thank you….

Then as it sat on my desk top I decided I was interested enough in the traveling side of the book to take a peak….  and so I did.

I really enjoyed the first part of the book on eating and Italy.  As Elizabeth travels through Italy I love the picture she paints of the beauty of the area, you can almost taste the incredible foods she encounters and her experiences are wonderful….

The prayer section in India was…. interesting.  This is a “procede with caution” book.  While I found some of her writing in this section to be beautiful (the act of praying in the New Year as it came across the skies like a large heavy bag carrying the unknown – births and deaths, great happiness, and sorrow…) she experienced an Indian Guru who acted as her swami and at that point – the culture was interesting, but she never seemed to quite get the Christianity part down and throughout the book continues to search for self fullfillment.

The final section was on love and at this point she is in Indonesia where she spends time with a medicine man who also had odd beliefs yet she continues her learning of deep prayer.

So – I was not even sure I was going to review this book because of the turns it takes.  It is about 80% great – she has an amazing sence of humor (I laughed out loud at a couple of her thoughts like when the medicine man forgets who she is and calls her Sharon…) and her writing at times made me really stop and think…

…”One should search for God as a man who’s head is on fire searches for water…”

I enjoyed reading about how other cultures see God.  Reading of some of their customs was really interesting and I did learn a few cultural things.  However – I again caution the reader who chooses to read this book to do so lightly and realize that the author has no strong faith base and her searching is taking her all over the board.

Again – about 80% interesting and educational – about 20% I skimmed and found totally off the mark.

Hmmmm... what do you think?

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