The Other Boleyn Girl – MOVIE REVIEW

One of the things the Bookies like to do is see the movie of a book that we have read.  This puts a little extra zip into our group when we get to the occasional outing. 

On Thursday five of us were able to go and check out  The Other Boleyn Girl movie at Movies 10.  I was really excited to see what they had done with the movie as the book was so incredible. 

Seeing this movie I was somewhat dissapointed.  Many key facts were left out – and I realize when you read a 735 page book, the movie is not going to be able to put all details in… but definate holes were left in the movie version.  My friend Joelle went with us to the movie and having not read the book, she had a lot of questions for me as the movie just didn’t put things together well.

One thing I felt held true was at the end when Anne is found guilty and they take her to her death.  Her speak is right on as recorded in history, and I found this part extremely real as she realized that no one would save her this time and she really was going to die. 

Overall – I found the movie to be of average rating.  Nothing exceptional and I do not care to see it again.  If I had not read the book prior to seeing the movie, I don’t think I would be as fascinated with the whole times of Henry the VIII…  (another movie from a book did just as poorly a couple years ago was Memoirs of A Geisha). 

In my opinion – read the book, it is filled with facts and interestingly real characters. 

Skip the movie.

2 thoughts on “The Other Boleyn Girl – MOVIE REVIEW

  1. The movie rally was a disappointment – however if you have not read the book – DO! 🙂 It gave me not only a love for Historical Fiction but also brought a great author to me, Philippa Gregory.

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