The Year Of Fog by Michelle Richmond

This was our book club book for our May read.  This is one of the top ten books that book clubs are currently reading and I was excited to see it picked as I was already reading it.

They compare this author to Jodi Picoult but I don’t think so.  While Michelle started out strong in this book – the book quickly deteriorates to a long 300+ pages of trying to find the lost child (Emma) and flash backs to earlier days and a lot of photography facts and metaphores.

I found myself racing through the book just to get to the end.  I wanted to know if they found Emma alive, dead… or never?

Overall I have to wonder if after reading such a well written book as The Other Boleyn Girl, perhaps this book was just not strong enough to follow so closely.  I will be very interested next month to hear what the other girls in our Bookies Group have to say on this.

I would rate this a slightly below average book.

One thought on “The Year Of Fog by Michelle Richmond

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