A Letter…

Dear Barnes and Noble,

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that I am breaking up with you.  After much consideration and making of mental pro/con lists – I feel it is best if we take this no further and end our walk together here.

Recently I have been seeing other book stores.  I have been spending what I consider to be quality time in stores within a ten mile radious of my home.  With the positive upgrades to our two local stores as well as my ever increasing enjoyment of Christianbooks.com and Amazon, I truly feel our time has passed.

I’ll remember the good times – your shelves and shelves of books, the great atmosphere, and of course, that “new book” smell.

I find it only fair to tell you that I will be requesting half of all your books in our divorce settlement.

Best of wishes,


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  1. Justin DeChantal

    You are such a dweebit. Ha ha… love the letter to Barnes and Noble. Kinda feel bad for the underdog. But the half of books part was quite hilarious. 🙂

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