The Contractor by Charles Holdefer

dsc06899.jpgAbout a year ago I stumbled across a website called Book Movement. It has reading group guides for book clubs and a monthly book give away by authors who want opinions on their just released books.

Well… Hello!

I jumped right on this band wagon and faithfully signed up for each and every one of their book giveaways every month. In December I opened their latest e newsletter to a surprise – our book club had won 12 copies of the book The Contractor! I was so excited! I mean winning free books! Wow! But what exactly was The Contractor?

Funny thing is…. after reading the book as a group in February, I can still ask that same question, “What exactly was The Contractor?”

The book is of course, about a contractor. Someone who tortures others in secret prisons for information…. but the book quickly turns from what you think the book is going to be about – to basically our main character George pondering over his crumbling marriage, life choices, and conversations with the family cat.

In a nut shell (and I use that term loosely…) The Contractor leaves you feeling a bit empty and cheated. You never get a strong grasp of who any of the characters are and as it comes to a close – you really do not have closure.

Our book club (The Bookies) were offered to do a phone conference with the author and unanimously declined. As one of our group stated, “What really would we say to him besides, Why? Why did you write this?”

While it was exciting to win the books – I am now more choosy in my book contest choices.

4 thoughts on “The Contractor by Charles Holdefer

  1. Hey John – read your blog…. you got more out of the book and it was interesting to see your take on it. Thanks for visiting! : )

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