Brainerd Library Book Sale

Ok… I almost hate to share this…. but the Bookie in me (my definition of a book junkie as well as the name of my book club) has to put the word out on this little known blog so I don’t feel selfish.  : )

The Brainerd Library book sale is Friday March 28th and 29th at 9 am each morning.  There I said it. 

For those of you who have never experienced this sale that takes place every Spring and Fall – here are a few guidelines from a book sale pro….

  1. Ladies, leave your purse in the car or at home.  Grab cash or check and stick it in your pocket.  You are not going to want to be lugging anything around while you dig through piles of books by your favorite authors and favorite topics.
  2. Stretch.  You may laugh… but not only are there stacks and stacks of books lined up on long tables…. but there are more books under the tables in boxes all categorized and ready to hit the tables if they have a chance.  It has not been beyond me to crawl under these tables and plow through the boxes.
  3. Patience.  My past experience has been a packed area in the room to the right of the library and by packed I mean wall to wall people all doing the same thing you are doing.  (For that reason, you really can’t get upset with them).

That’s about it.  Enjoy!  Oh – and for those of you who have books to donate, they are still accepting books and if you feel the need to feed my habit and others like me…

Bless you.

Hunger Pains by Cynthia Moe

dsc06898.jpgI recently heard about this book from a friend while traveling back from a conference. She was telling me about this book that was written by a co worker of hers who works in the Brainerd Police Department, Cynthia Moe.

I was immediately intrigued by the topic and the fact that this was a woman from my own home town. I went to Bethany Book Store and found it!

The book is well written and I like that Cynthia breaks down a 40 day fast by journaling her thoughts day to day. For me, I enjoyed the layed back truthful way the book is written. Cynthia gives it all – the moments that are great, and the moments you question what you are doing. She has questions at the end of each chapter and scripture to show you Biblically what she is talking about.

Highly enjoyable book!

What’s So Amazing About Grace by Philip Yancey

dsc06909.jpgThis is my third time through this book and each time I pull out something different. Philip is an excellent writer who tells it like it is.

What’s So Amazing About Grace really makes me look at who I am in God – and who I am as a person. Grace goes far beyond my normal human response and reading how Philip puts it into perspective stretches me. Grace is shocking, even scandalous – but always Biblical.

This is a book that will always be in my personal library. For the record, you are safe to go with anything that Philip Yancey has written. (Rumors of Another World, Reaching for the Invisible God, The Jesus I never knew, Where is God when it Hurts, Disappointed with God) I believe I have read them all….

Illuminated by Matt Bronleewe

dsc06905.jpgTake National treasure and trade the Davin chi Code for the Gutenberg Bibles with a dash of Indiana Jones and the pace of 24, and you will have the making of Illuminated.

A great read of stolen Bibles and hidden codes. Two organizations both fighting for the same secrets as our main character August battles to save the secret. If he fails, his family dies. If he succeeds, he destroys a national treasure. The clock is ticking.

An enjoyable read. This author was a founding member of Jars of Clay.

The Book of Names by Jill Gregory and Karen Tintori

dsc06895.jpgThis Book was chosen by my book club for our March read. First thing I picked up on was this book is written in a Davinchi Code style (I don’t believe it to be as controversial) but had the same fast paced theme and it all stemmed around a group called the Lamed Vovniks (who I had never heard of).

I loved that the book was written by two women, best friends in fact. They knew about the legend of the Lamed Vovniks and wanted to write a story around them. After years of research and putting this idea onthe back burner – it finally came to be.

The book was written well and read well. I liked the pace and our book club review was very interesting as we discussed Biblical references, and who in todays world would classify as this fiction book said, as a lamed vovnik.

Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Decked Out by Neta Jackson

dsc06903.jpgAre you ever in the mood just to let our mind wander anywhere? You are not looking for a heavy read – but basically fluff. A no brainer that you can pick up read a few pages and get back to whenever… if ever.

Well, that is how this book found its way into my hands. Purchased for the plane ride to Honduras, I skimmed it and didn’t finish until I had returned home. At that point just finishing it to see if it had a point (which it didn’t) I did stumble across one gem in this book.

Towards the end of the book I learned about the Watch Night Celebration, which stems back to Abraham Lincoln’s reign before he freed the slaves. The Watch Night Celebration was what the slaves would do on New Year’s Eve… it was a time to be in deep prayer over the past year, and for the year that was upon them. They pray through the new year. I love that idea!

In the book, they have a similar celebration where they potluck together as a church, as family and friends, and on New Years eve they eat together, laugh together, and as midnight draws near, they pray through the new year, thanking God and praising Him for the past year and praying for the new one.

That right there, made the book for me.

The Contractor by Charles Holdefer

dsc06899.jpgAbout a year ago I stumbled across a website called Book Movement. It has reading group guides for book clubs and a monthly book give away by authors who want opinions on their just released books.

Well… Hello!

I jumped right on this band wagon and faithfully signed up for each and every one of their book giveaways every month. In December I opened their latest e newsletter to a surprise – our book club had won 12 copies of the book The Contractor! I was so excited! I mean winning free books! Wow! But what exactly was The Contractor?

Funny thing is…. after reading the book as a group in February, I can still ask that same question, “What exactly was The Contractor?”

The book is of course, about a contractor. Someone who tortures others in secret prisons for information…. but the book quickly turns from what you think the book is going to be about – to basically our main character George pondering over his crumbling marriage, life choices, and conversations with the family cat.

In a nut shell (and I use that term loosely…) The Contractor leaves you feeling a bit empty and cheated. You never get a strong grasp of who any of the characters are and as it comes to a close – you really do not have closure.

Our book club (The Bookies) were offered to do a phone conference with the author and unanimously declined. As one of our group stated, “What really would we say to him besides, Why? Why did you write this?”

While it was exciting to win the books – I am now more choosy in my book contest choices.