Author Website Creation Packages


In today’s world of social media it is important as an author to be able to be found and accessible.  I have heard from many authors and publishing houses that authors are encouraged to put themselves out there through blogging, a website, Facebook, and Twitter just to name a few.  Readers love to engage with authors and these styles of communication can lead to book sales.

Yet, for some, putting together any of these communication steps can be exhausting.  How do you create a blog or website that brings people in?  How do you make your site look attractive to readers, let alone keep it updated with events you will be taking part in, newest book information, fresh content, etc… and how do you find the time in your already busy schedule?

That is where I can come in.

I enjoy building WordPress blogs such as you see here at Book Journey.  I have completed classes on blogging content that draws in readers and as a 6 year blogger myself, I know that what I have learned works.  I also teach classes locally on engaging readers and taking your writing to the next level.

Besides creating Book Journey on WordPress, I have also built two non profit sites using WIX.  These sites are:

Camp Benedict Cyclists

Friends Of The Brainerd Public Library

Both WordPress and WIX offer a wonderful array of templates as well as free sites with the option to upgrade to use your own domain at a minimal cost.


Putting yourself on line with your best information available to your fans and potential readers is a positive step to building long tern relationships with your readers.  Your current events area will assist in bringing more people to your speaking engagements and creating more books sales as well as peopel interested in your follow up books.


Here is what I am able to offer you.


Package #1

For $100 I will build you a basic website such as you see here on Book Journey or on WIX which will include an initial consultation with you about what you would like to see, what tabs (if any) you would like, and what you plan to use your site for.  Once the site is built I will send it to you and we will have a second consultation for one time changes you would like made if any.  I will also help you get started with content and answer any questions you may have.


Package #2

For $150 I will build your website as listed in package #1 and also fill it with start up content such as your about me page, upcoming events, book information, etc…  this includes a start up consultation as well as a follow up with changes if needed.


Package #3

For $200 I will do all that is in Package #1 and #2 and make updates to your site for you for up 6 months keeping your site fresh and current.  I will delete outdated information and add new.  Note – this does not include personal blog posting updates although I can work with you if you desire to keep you on a posting schedule for your readers.


Package #4

For $250 I will do all that is in #1, #2, and #3, and also set up a Facebook Page and Twitter account for you and assist in providing updates to these accounts for 6 months.


Other packages can be built ala carte.


Connect with me by emailing me at  I would love to chat with you!

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