Morning Meanderings… The Day Of The Eve

Good morning.  *Yawns stretches*  How are we doing this New Years Eve Day?

I am sitting here with LAPTOP and COFFEE looking out at a very chilly day (22 below is the current Minnesota temp) and thinking of all the little things I want to accomplish today.

I have some laundry in the works, and a website I am building for an upcoming event, and pictures to go and take for an article, and what to make for dinner… and I am of course thinking about The First Book Of The Year… not only the post (which I love love love) but also… what my book will be.

My book will possibly be at least partially completed on audio since I leave early to get to a 10K run in the AM in St Paul and listening to audio makes that 2+ hour drive way more enjoyable… but alas… which book?  (The first book is almost as hard to pick as the word of the year lol)

If you are considering participating in First Book or if you are reading this thinking what the heck is First Book?  Here is a link to that post.  It is not to late to send in a pic to me of you and the book to add to the collage of readers going into 2018.

I am also looking at Goodreads.  I love that challenge, I am just trying to think what I can realistically do.  There was a time I could read over 100 books a year.  Now with all the things I have added in my life, I do not think that is a reachable goal.  I want to partake for sure, and I don’t want to drop the ball on it like I did in 2017.

So thats me.

The First Book post will go up early due to my run.  If you miss getting your pic in on time, do not worry – I almost always have some that come in after the posting and I add them to a post on January 2nd.

In the mean time… enjoy this day as we close out 2017 and all it has held… and look forward to 2018 and what this New Year will bring.

My Word!!! My One Word for 2018. What Is Yours?

It is (beyond) time for the One Word of the year.  I have been doing this since 2013 and make a GIGANTIC deal out of my word as I know I want it to be valid for the year – come what may.

2017 word was SHINE and as you can see by last years post, it fell into my lap in a remarkable way and when I had the word – I knew it was the word.  SHINE has served me amazingly well, and really stuck with me through the year as I continued to find a way to move forward with the tragedy that hit my family in 2015.  Many people sent SHINE things through the year which make me smile to even think about it.  What an amazing support team I have! 

This year, words were suggested that were great ideas – but didn’t quite fit what I thought would be what I needed for where I am in this world.  It wasn’t until this morning as I thought about the new things I would be doing in 2018, the physical challenges I had signed up for including my first half marathon (yeah… I said first) and my first 7 days bike ride across Iowa and then I knew…



Definition:  An experience is something that you do or that happens to you, especially something important that affects you.  

the act of living through an event or events; personal involvement in or observation of events as they occur, anything observed or lived through

For me, I look at this new year as an opportunity to experience new things.  To taste, to travel, to feel, to push myself, to EXPERIENCE whatever life has to offer.  If there is one thing I know for sure, it is that life is short and it is precious.  None of us know if there is a tomorrow (or what tomorrow will bring).   We need to live well and to the fullest today.  Every day is an opportunity to experience something new – to choose to move out of our comfort zone and BE and DO.

I am well aware that my own life circumstances have brought me to this opinion on how we (I) should live.  Your life circumstances may be completely different as well as your choices of what to do with your time on this earth.

I ask again, for the 4th year on this site, please consider doing One Word with me.  Here is a site with a list of words to start you thinking.  When you choose your word – say it out loud to everyone.  Own it.  The more you place it in your life, the better it will stick and become truly your motivational inspirational direction of the year.

I recently wrote an article in the local Her Voice magazine about One Word.  They are now taking submissions of people telling them the word they have chosen for 2018 and they will post them in the February printing of the magazine.  Here is a link to that Facebook post if you would like to be part of the article.

Feel free to submit your own word below.  I would love to cheer you on!

First Book Of The Year – The Tradition Continues


Fifth year.  I LOVE First book so much.  This tradition for me goes further back than the 5 years I have opened up to the reading world here on Book Journey.  I am THRILLED to be doing it again and thank you to those who have messaged me to ask.

The answer is…

Of course we are doing it.

Here is what First Book is.  The first book of the New Year should be:

A.  A coveted book that you have wanted to read but have just not found the time.

B.  A delicious favorite… one you have read before, but crave to read again.

C.  Really whatever you want it to – it is after all YOUR First Book Of the year.

Make it AWESOME.

Then, once you have picked what it will be, email me a picture of you with the book.  This adds to the excitement of the First Book.  On January 1st I will post all the pics in a collage format of all of you around the world that are doing First Book.  Here is some (yes some…  so many participate it is incredible!)  of what came in last year:

Fill out this form – its easy and gives you all the info you need.  I hope you will join in.  Even now I look at these pics from last year and think, ooh…  I need to read that.  🙂  Cant wait to pick mine….cant wait to see what you choose!