Morning Meanderings… Far Out Statistics


Good morning!  And yes…. I did just say “far out” in the title of this post.  It seemed appropriate.

If you kept up with me this week you know I was in Mankato the past couple of days for the Minnesota Library Annual Conference.  There were sessions aimed towards Librarians and staff, and also Friends Of The Library (fundraising ideas, grant writing, 501c3 uses, membership building, etc…) it was a lot of fun and I came home with a few ideas.  More on that tomorrow 🙂

Today I wanted to share with you the funny phenomenon of Gone Girl.  Those of you who have read me for some time are probably familiar with my spoiler page.  This is an additional page I write on books that I want to talk about in more detail because they totally blew me away, or made me angry, or… whatever.  I do not use the spoiler page often.  If you look at my link (also found in the tabs under my header) you will see the books I have used it on.  Occasionally, when a book becomes a movie or there is some hype surrounding the book, I will notice an increase on hits on a particular spoiler post.

But not like Gone Girl.

If you are familiar with the book Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, then you probably know the movie released on the 3rd of this month.  In September, the views of my spoiler page for Gone Girl started climbing… not just by 100’s… but by thousands of view a day.  It was odd.  In face here is what my top post views looked like on October 3rd:

Top Posts & Pages

These posts on your site got the most traffic.



Is that not just crazy?  The post had been receiving hits around 15,000 – 19,000 per day for weeks, but opening day was the largest.

What is the big interest in knowing what people are saying about the book?

What do you think the draw is?

The words they are looking up to find this post are:

Search Engine Terms

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Search Views
gone girl spoiler 338
gone girl ending 194
gone girl book 122
gone girl synopsis 99
gone girl ending spoiler 85
gone girl spoiler ending 76
how does gone girl end 62
gone girl book ending 52
gone girl spoilers 48
gone girl plot 46
gone girl book ending spoiler 41
gone girl ending explained 37
what happens at the end of gone girl 28
what happens in gone girl 27
gone girl summary 24
ending of gone girl 22
gone girl synopsis spoiler 21
gone girl summary spoiler 20
how does the book gone girl end 18
gone girl plot spoiler 18
spoiler gone girl 15
synopsis of gone girl 14
gone girl book spoiler 14



What are your thoughts on this?  Is it just that people are looking to reach out to others that have read the book?  Are they looking for confirmation on their feelings regarding the story line?

10 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Far Out Statistics

  1. I’m always getting hits for “such and such a book spoilers”. Of course, most of my reviews start with “There are no spoilers for this book” so I’m sure the searchers are disappointed! :–) My guess is that people just want to know what happened without bothering to read the book! LOL

  2. I’ve only heard of GONE GIRL, Sheila, so I’m not familiar with the story or popularity, but obviously it is! What I don’t get is why anyone WANTS something spoiled! ????

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  4. Wow! I’m definitely tempted to do that right now because everyone I know has said they hated every character in Gone Girl, but the twist is a doozy. I really don’t have any interest in reading it or seeing the movie, but I do want to know the twist. I don’t know if tens of thousands of people feel that way, though.

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