BUNCO NIGHT!!!! What???? Help…..


Good morning … flowers and I don’t know… books I guess, for everyone.  It is Thursday!  My last work day of the week and tonight I play Bunco!


My friend Laura apparently has this dark unknown side to her life that I was unaware of and she is on a Bunco league.  (Visions of The Pink Ladies from Grease come to mind… yes, women that are THAT cool)


I didn’t even know there were Bunco Leagues.  Probably more importantly… I have not played Bunco in years… and that was once… at church.

I love games so I am super excited to fill in as a sub tonight.  Just this morning I looked through the basics of the game to refresh me… good grief…. WhAt?  It sounds like it is fast-moving, you switch seats and partners a lot and well…

we will see.

Any Bunco players out there that give me any advice?  Do not crack under the pressure…. It’s only a game and maybe leave the Pink Ladies jacket at home?  😀

5 thoughts on “BUNCO NIGHT!!!! What???? Help…..

  1. I agree with Kathy. It is FUN! I am playing Bunco tonight too. I play with a small group of 7 other women/girls. We meet at one home, she is hostess and fixes supper. Then we play, not too late. We laugh, make whoop noises when someone gets a “Bunco” and generally have a great time. Hope you do too. Oh and we have small cash rewards for the 3 winners and the one who happens to have to most “123’s” ( the booby prize!) Have a great day and weekend.

  2. I’m pretty sure I played this years (and years) ago, and have zero recollection of the rules other than dice are involved. I’m sure it will be a good time. 🙂

  3. Lori N invited me to Bunco night with her a few times. It was loads of fun! Cash prizes, switching seats constantly, snacks, drinks, and a beanie baby octopus someone had to sit on their head (I think that was a whole different story). Talk to her…she’ll enlighten you! 🙂

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